21 thoughts on “Game 112 – Twins @ Houston”

  1. Pineda and Maeda, then fly to Grenada?
    Pineda and Maeda, the rest are beta?
    Pineda and Maeda, that's all we could pay-a? Pineda and Maeda, the rest aren't playas?

  2. I wonder why there wasn't more thought of trading Maeda at the deadline. Or maybe there was and I just didn't hear it. He's signed through 2023, which makes a trade less urgent. But if you're building for the future, do you want a guy who'll be 34 next season? I suppose it depends on what you could get for him, but even though he's not as good as last year, there are surely teams that would've wanted him and would've given something for him. I mean, we managed to get something that looks useful for Jay Happ, which still amazes me. Maybe they want someone around that the young pitchers can learn from. I'm not upset that they didn't trade him, I just find it curious.

    1. I think his age, contract length, and down year all suppressed his value. Berríos had all three on his side so the Twins maximized his trade value. Next year, or possibly the following off-season, would be ideal times to trade Maeda.

  3. Twins missed a chance to break the game open. We'll see if comes back to haunt them.

  4. That phrase Atteberry always uses--"they left some meat on the bone"--just really grates on me for some reason.

  5. This is anecdotal, and could be totally wrong, but it seems like there are a lot of times the Twins announcers tell me a double play ball has been hit and the Twins don't turn the double play.

  6. Other than the goofy game against Detroit, Juan Minaya has pitched very well since coming back to the Twins.

  7. Do the umpires still check the pitchers a few times a game? For a while we heard about nothing else, but I don't think I've heard it mentioned in weeks.

  8. I took a real good power nap in the middle innings, woke up to find the game still going. Yeesh.

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