Twins Log Game 114 – Paler Hosers at Twins

Oof, another drubbing by the White Sox. If I had some time I'd love to see what the run differential has been between these two teams this year. Thankfully not a lot of games left against the Sox.

Griffin Jax on the mound for the Twins and he's been a nice little addition in mid to late summer. Not sure what his long term prospects are but at least he's not in the J.A. Happ territory. Dallas Keuchel on the mound for Chicago and he's been a decent of the back of the rotation guy: gives the team a chance to win and eats up some innings. Twins could use someone like that.

First pitch at 7:10

Twins Line Up
CF - Refsynder
LF - Rooker
DH - Donaldson
C - Garver
2B - Arraez
1B - Sano
3B - Astudillo
RF - Kepler
SS - Simmons

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  1. If Josh Donaldson isn't fully healthy, why in the world are we playing him, even if it's just at DH? What are we trying to prove? Is it that important that we climb out of the basement and get to fourth place? For better or worse, we have this man under contract for two more seasons. Let's take care of him.

  2. If I had some time I'd love to see what the run differential has been between these two teams this year.

    Coming into the game :

    White Sox - 120
    Twins - 66


  3. Early farm report:

    St. Paul trails Indianapolis 7-4 in the sixth. Gliberto Celestino and Ben Rortvedt have both homered. Four of the seven Indians runs were unearned.
    Wichita leads Tulsa 3-0 in the third. Trey Cabbage hit a three-run homer for the Wind Surge. Jordan Balazovic has struck out three in two innings.
    Cedar Rapids trails Peoria 5-1 in the fourth. Tyler Watson had pitched two shutout innings, but allowed five runs in the third.
    Fort Myers and Bradenton are scoreless in the fourth. Sean Mooney has struck out six in three perfect innings.

    1. Since July 4 (yes, I'm cherry pickimg that start point to not include Jax first start), Twins are 7-3 when Ober or Jax start and 8-14 in other games.

      Pitcher Starts IP H SO BB HR ERA BA OBP SLG BABIP
      Ober 6 27.2 25 30 9 6 4.32 .236 .296 .472 .271
      Jax 4 20.1 11 18 5 4 2.66 .153 .205 .347 .140
      Total 10 48 36 48 14 10 3.56 .202 .259 .423 .217

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