Third Monday Movie Day: Up And Comers

Here's just an amazing thread on the staggering amount of talent (not limited to acting) that guest starred on Miami Vice of all shows:

What's one performance you remember, TV or movies, where you noted someone special, only to see them subsequently blow up?

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  1. Hey, I remember Robin Williams on Happy Days.

    Saw the Green Knight in the theater. First movie in a theater since December 2019 (Knives Out). I did go do a drive-in last summer, however. Anyway, the Green Knight. Was cool. Very trippy and thought provoking. Pretty sure some of the theater goers thinking that they were going to see some knights battle witches, etc., were disappointed.

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    The Paul McCartney- Rick Rubin thing (McCartney 3 2 1)on Hulu was very cool. Highly recommend for any Beatle fan of any level.

    Woodstock 99 on HBO is must see as well, even with all its grossness.

    1. I absolutely love the circular filming and the exploration of time in The Green Knight. I’m really glad I saw it in the theater but it’s likely to be the last one we see for quite some time.

      1. Did you see Ghost Story? Same director/writer. Also cool mind-bending exploration of time in that movie as well.

  2. X-Files was very good at nabbing up-and-comers and diamonds-in-the-rough to guest on the show - folks like Giovanni Riblisi, or Pruitt Taylor Vince, or Jonathan Gries for example.

    I've been binging Doom Patrol and just finished season one. Dramatic enough while still not taking itself seriously, much in common with The Umbrella Academy or Legion.

    Runner daughter and I went to see The Suicide Squad last weekend. I was entertained, although some of the fight sequences were poorly choreographed at times: when someone's lance-distance away from you and firing a gun (and not hitting you), what are they aiming at?

    We all watched Moana last week as well. Typical above average Disney animation. Also polished of The Good Place, which ended very satisfactorily.

    Rick and Morty continues to kick ass

    1. We're watching all of X-Files now. Still early and only in the first part of the second season. I'm not surprised a police procedural would have a lot of actors early in their career because the show needs extras, with lines, for every single episode. I'm reminded of seeing Rami Malek in a late-season episode of Gilmore Girls.

      1. As the seasons went along, it was the place to be seen for a lot of actors. Peter Boyle had one of the finest, in one of their best episodes. And it was set in the Twin Cities.

        1. It is a little awkward to watch them now since we already watched the revival episodes. I already knew who Skinner and Smoking Man were and where they end up.

      2. Last year, I stumbled upon a Law & Order with Adam Driver (extolling the virtues of Death Cab for Cutie)

    1. Okay guys, I'm not asking for all MN actors here, just wondering if anyone lived in those vicinities and knew their local celeb or how their hometown celebrated them. I'm thinking contemporary here.

      1. Okay, Okay. I went to college in Sioux Falls, and I learned after graduating that an acquaintance of mine dated January Jones for a time during his freshman year. (They both went to high school in Sioux Falls.)

    2. My JV soccer coach was good friends with Steve Zahn, so Zahn spoke to my class once in high school

    3. I don't know if anyone here is aware of this, but Chuck Klosterman is from my hometown. Also, my great grandfather's name was Charles Klosterman. He did not go by Chuck.

  3. Mitchells vs. The Machines is the best family/kids/animated movie I've seen in a long time. I laughed a lot. Emotional, but nothing is belabored. Cool animation style. Highly recommend.

      1. My kids were just telling my mom how great that movie was, and I completely agree. It was so much better than I expected going in.

  4. To answer the prompt: Bryan Cranston is the obvious one. Dude was amazing on Malcolm In The Middle, then got his proper dues.

    Also, this is just kind of the way comedy goes, right? Steve Carell? SNL?

  5. Without having seen Suicide Squad, I feel confident in saying that The Suicide Squad was way, way better. TSS was very much a James Gunn movie and because of that I really enjoyed it.

    I recently re-watched all of the Mad Max movies over a two day period. Mad Max was much better than I remember it. I always thought it had major pacing issues, but it really doesn't. Road Warrior still rocks. Beyond Thunderdome does not rock. It was worse than I remember, and *this* is the one with major pacing problems. That all said, Fury Road will always be one of my favorite movies ever made. 100% worth waiting 30 years for it.

    1. Suicide Squad had some moments, but I really, really disliked how the slutted up the Enchantress character's costume and (to a lesser degree) Harley Quinn's costume.

  6. So I grew up about 3 blocks from Kevin Sorbo. He lived right by the park where we hung out. I think he is 2 maybe 3 years older than me and had a brother I think one year younger. His dad was a teacher. We definitely knew each other and while I didn't really hang at his house, I am sure I've been in it. Definitely played football/baseball, kick the can, etc., with him at the park. I don't remember him being a jag-off like he is today. Just another older kid that hung at the park and then didn't really see again after he graduated from High School.

    1. Also one summer I hung out at an apartment swimming pool with a girl named Amy, who was a friend of my friend's girlfriend. She later grew up to be known as Amy Sensor.

      Also, I shared a bus stop with a girl who later married Christian Laetnner.

      Lots going on in Mound late 70s - early 80s.

  7. Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service) is not the kind of show I’d enjoy if it was American, as I have a pretty low tolerance for camp. Something about seeing the French essentially lampoon their mid-century crumbling imperial ambitions was pretty gratifying. The period production style and myriad political references were nice touches.

    The show also started me on a European Netflix kick. In the last week I’ve finished Okkupert (Occupied) and La Forêt (The Forest). Occupied was excellent: great characters; timely, well-paced plot; gorgeous Norwegian scenery. I will definitely rewatch it, and have been recommending it to folks. The Forest was good, and resisted some things an American show would not have managed to eschew, but I don’t find many mysteries to be rewatchable. I’ve since started 1983, which takes place in an alternate timeline in which Poland circa 2003 is still behind the Iron Curtain due to terrorist attacks that occurred in the titular year.

    1. I got started on A Very Secret Service and enjoyed it, but haven't gotten past episode 4 or so. I like the show, but my wife was meh on it so it's been relegated to "me time"

  8. The wife and I streamed the new Fast and Furious movie (F9) a few weeks ago. The stunts keep getting bigger and bigger, and there are still plenty of sequences that just make a person giggle with delight. I do wonder if the movies are running headlong into a wall, though.

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    Still. It was fun, and I'll probably keep watching them as long as they keep cranking them out (I definitely preferred the theatre experience for this series, though. The action just pops better.)

  9. I've been watching the 2nd season of Ted Lasso. I still like it well enough, but it is the one of the sugariest pieces of cake I've ever had, to the point you don't want to eat it after awhile.

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  10. The Vault was an entertaining film for what it was - a Ocean's-eqsue heist film. Having it set during the World Cup was a nice idea.

    Being set in Madrid was a bonus for me personally, but that' sjust because I love it there.

  11. Watched Palm Springs on a flight back from Amsterdam. Solid comedy, that you don't see as often anymore IMO. Would recommend.

    1. Yeah, I liked that one, too. I agree that it feels on a different plane than most comedies that you see in the last ten to fifteen years or so.

  12. After watching a YouTube video on some of the best animated movies of all time, I watched Boy & the World and April and the Extraordinary World, both excellent films in their own way. The first is an Oscar nominated Brazilian film that has no speaking in it, and the second is a French film (I watched the subtitled, but there is a dubbed version).

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