3 September 2021: Colloquial

On the way to school this morning, the Poissonnière was talking about the new game she learned at school yesterday. I told her I learned a similar game when I was a kid, but it was called something else.

Wittgenstein wrote that the limits of one’s language are the limits of their world. I’ve noticed that she pronounces certain words differently than I do, regional subtleties that make it clear we’re from different places. No doubt the color of our language will wash our worlds with unique tinctures.

If she starts calling one of these a “bubbler,” I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

31 thoughts on “3 September 2021: Colloquial”

    1. When she starts making her Old Fashioneds with Brandy, then you’ll need to have “the talk.”

  1. The first Minnesotaspeak oddity that caught my ear when we first moved here was the dangling preposition - Do you want to come with? After that it was things like yah and ope and ish and uffda and you betcha, don't ya know.

    1. Reminds me of an old joke:

      Farmer: Do you want to come with?
      Professor: I don’t answer questions that end in a preposition.
      Farmer: Do you want to come with asshole?

    1. At least the guaranteed money is relatively low and spread out for a bunch of years. Plenty of time for him to figure it out again.

    2. It didnt help that Sano made a bone headed defensive play that lead to extra runs (cant remember what inning it was, 2nd or 3rd)

  2. I don't have a go bag in H'istan (probably should).

    But I do have Hurricane Station 2000, with an American Red Cross crank radio (with all the weather bands, love it), a battery powered lantern, candles, dried camp food (e.g. Beef Stroganoff), canned goods, French press coffee maker, batteries, water jugs, whisper-light camp stove, camp gas, phone charging station, cash, and pre-cut replacement cardboard cutouts and duct-tape to fit any sun-porch windows that could get blown out.

    This all came in very useful when we lost power for a week last year due to a tree falling on our power lines. I do need a go bag, tho. I also don't have a weapon in H'istan since I gave away my cricket bat, except for a 3-iron - who can hit a 3-iron? The water still worked with the power out in Hartford (thanks, gravity). But you couldn't find a bag of ice in 40 miles. All the fridge/freezer stuff had to be tossed.

          1. So the tote bag goes over their head while you look for an Oxford English Dictionary with which to stun the intruder? Roget's Thesaurus just doesn't have the bludgeoning heft.

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