24 thoughts on “September 11, 2021: Twenty”

  1. So, we signed up for a pasture to table meat delivery. The first box was set to arrive just before the storm, but their crack team held it for me and delivered to Texas where we fled. The box contained some old standards (pork chops, brats, ground beef etc) and some new to me cuts. We have both coulotte and a chuck eye steaks that I have no idea what to do with. Thoughts?

    1. Coulotte steaks are from the sirloin, our Von Hansen's sells them as "grill steaks" and we like them a lot. Chuck eye comes from the shoulder right above the ribeye cuts. You can grill both of these guys the way you would a sirloin or a ribeye.

  2. I tend to give the Twins FO a fair amount slack, seeing as how they have experience and expertise I don't and they are still a small market team. That said, Andrelton Simmons has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mistake. Offensively he's been a huge bust, having his worst season at the plate of his entire career. Defensively he's far from the juggernaut he once was just a few years ago. Then there's the anti-vax idiocy. But for me the main thing is his body language on the field, he just seems to half-ass his way through games giving minimal effort and collecting his $10.5 million. Last night he likely cost us the game with his lame past-a-diving-Jeter impression and bobbling the ball on the relay to allow the tying run to score. At least he's only on a one-year contract.

    1. Simmons was like most of the Twins' off-season acquisitions--not necessarily bad moves when viewed in isolation, but players with a limited upside. At best they were going to be average. At worst they were going to be--well, what they've been.

      1. Even the baseball guys were happy with the signing at the time based on the defensive. I don’t think anyone anticipated it would drop so much or his covid-idiocy.

        1. I agree with that, but still, the defense was all we were likely to get. At best he was going to be a weaker-than-average bat. Again, not a bad move in isolation, but one with a limited upside.

  3. Just got the Herald loaded on the trailer for our trip to the Vintage Triumph Register in Edmond, OK. (I know, who goes to Oklahoma on their vacation, but I didn’t choose the location.) Original plan was to drive the Herald, but with temps expected to be in the 90’s and a wife without a thyroid, the air-conditioned Dodge was the only option. Two other members of our traveling group have also elected to trailer, so I don’t feel so bad. This trip has been snake-bit from the start with people dropping out due to covid and car issues. Hopefully it gets better from here on out.

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