Minor Details: Standings & Stats: Through September 12


St. Paul is 58-56, in third place in the AAA East/Midwest, nine games behind Toledo.  The Saints are 4-6 in their last ten games and lost their most recent game.  They have a run differential of +48.

Wichita is 65-49, in first place in the AA Central/North, three games ahead of Arkansas.  The Wind Surge is 4-6 in their last ten games and won their most recent game.  They have a run differential of +57.

Cedar Rapids is 63-51, in second place in the High-A Central/West, eleven games behind Quad Cities.  The Kernels are 6-4 in their last ten games and lost their most recent game.  They have a run differential of +65.

Fort Myers is 57-53, in third place in the Low-A Southeast/West, fourteen games behind Tampa.  The Mighty Mussels are 7-3 in their last ten games and have won two consecutive games.  They have a run differential of +4.



St. Paul--Tomas Telis, .307
Wichita--Roy Morales, .309
Cedar Rapids--Michael Helman, .247
Fort Myers--Misael Urbina, .192


St. Paul--Drew Maggi, .364
Wichita--Morales, .380
Cedar Rapids--Alex Isola, .351
Fort Myers--Aaron Sabato, .365


St. Paul--Mark Contreras, .510
Wichita--Andrew Bechtold, .455
Cedar Rapids--Helman, .465
Fort Myers--Sabato, .357


St. Paul--Contreras, .853
Wichita--Bechtold, .780
Cedar Rapids--Helman, .804
Fort Myers--Sabato, .722


St. Paul--Brent Rooker, 20
Wichita--Jermaine Palacios, 19
Cedar Rapids--Helman, 18
Fort Myers--Sabato, 11


St. Paul--Contreras, 56
Wichita--B. J. Boyd, 62
Cedar Rapids--Helman, 55
Fort Myers--Urbina, 51


St. Paul--Contreras, Maggi, 12
Wichita--Aaron Whitefield, 30
Cedar Rapids--Helman, 20
Fort Myers--Willie Joe Garry, Jr., 24



St. Paul--Andrew Albers, 3.86
Wichita--Jordan Balazovic, 3.38
Cedar Rapids--Ben Gross, 3.62
Fort Myers--Zarion Sharpe, 3.67


St. Paul--3 tied at 6
Wichita--Zach Neff, 8
Cedar Rapids--Derek Molina, 7
Fort Myers--Sharpe and Matthew Swain, 6


St. Paul--Nick Vincent, 6
Wichita--Ryan Mason, 6
Cedar Rapids--Melvi Acosta, 9
Fort Myers--Denny Bentley, 9


St. Paul--Chandler Shepherd, 95
Wichita--Austin Schulfer, 105
Cedar Rapids--Gross, 82
Fort Myers--Sawyer Gipson-Long, 67.1


St. Paul--Albers, 78
Wichita--Chris Vallimont, 126
Cedar Rapids--Gross, 106
Fort Myers--Gipson-Long, 95


St. Paul--Albers, 1.30
Wichita--Balazovic, 1.37
Cedar Rapids--Gross, 1.24
Fort Myers--Swain, 1.26


St. Paul--Albers, .288
Wichita--Balazovic, .253
Cedar Rapids--Gross, .243
Fort Myers--Swain, .197

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    1. It depends, of course, on the number of at-bats you require. Urbina has 357. To get a higher BA, you have to go down to 242 (Will Holland, who's batting .215). If you ignore number of at-bats entirely, Mikey Perez is batting .500 in 20 at-bats and Christian Encarnacion-Strand is batting .408 in 76 at-bats. If your standard is "players with 100 or more at-bats who are still with Fort Myers", it's Charles Mack at .229. The better batters either were promoted or have fewer than 100 at-bats.

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