10 thoughts on “September 17, 2021: Picture Day”

  1. Before COVID, our school did pictures at an open house, which meant that a parent was there with the kid to help them feel comfortable and make a semi normal smile. Last year of course no parents were there and kids doing distance learning were dropped off to quickly go into the school, get their photo taken, and leave. The peperoncino's facial expression is truly odd, but on the plus side, a lot of the other kids' expressions look equally weird. Fun times!

  2. Schools running 2 hours late today here because of the storm that rolled through this AM. I don't know if there are trees down or what, but it was howling pretty good here about 3:45.

    EDIT: I do know that there were a lot of folks without power.

  3. Simmons has been put on the Restricted List:

    Simmons’ placement on the restricted list is due to visa-related issues, Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic reports (via Twitter). He’s in the process of establishing permanent residency in the United States but would reset that process by traveling to Toronto, so he’ll miss the entire Jays series.

    I’ve heard of “visa-related issues” interfering with travel early in the season…but in mid-September? Gee, I wonder why he’d have trouble getting a visa to enter Canada…

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