4 thoughts on “September 18, 2021: Rabbit Hole”

  1. I recently watched both seasons of Secret City, which led me to quite a bit about Australia’s political institutions and intelligence services. I’ve also read a bit about a couple of the party leaders in the upcoming Canadian election.

  2. Minivan to camper conversions. I'd love to get a mid-2000s Toyota Sienna AWD, put a 3 1/2" lift kit on it, take out the seats, put a little camping kitchen and sleeping platform in the back, maybe get a rear hatch tent to add indoor privacy space.

  3. Things Hospitaller... While having drinks on the balcony of our hotel in the Pantheon area of Rome, we noticed a church with a huge stag head and a cross on the top spire.

    Turns out it's a Hospitaller venue, a group originally founded in Jerusalem during the crusades (by St. John), and now there are hospitaller hospitals/churches around the world. This one is in honor of the martyr St. Eustace, and was built in the 8th Century.

    Also, Gustave Flaubert wrote about St. Julian the Hospitaller in a short story inspired by the stained glass in a church he happened by. I just read it earlier tonite on Project Gutenberg

    Looks like the same deer on the Jagermeister label.

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