2021 Game Log #151 – Twins at Cubs

We are definitely at the play out the string portion of the schedule. I am sure Twins players are now in the middle of scheduling events in October that don't include "show up at the park and play baseball." The Twins would have to go 8-4 over these last 12 games to stay under 90 loses but at this point does it matter if they lose 89 or 91 games? I would hope that some of the younger players see this as an opportunity to shine a bit, get a good start for 2022 but then again, with no stakes involved, does it really matter?

Griffin Jax on the mound for the Twins and he's a guy you'd like to keep making strides so that he has a place on the 2022 roster. Alec Mills for the Cubs.

Game time 6:40p, looks like a very nice day for fall baseball in Chicago.

Twins Lineup
2B - Arraez
CF - Buxton
SS - Polanco
3B - Donaldson
RF - Kepler
1B - Sano
LF - Gordon
C - Garver
P - Jax

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  1. Early minor league playoff update:

    Wichita and Northwest Arkansas are tied 3-3 in the fourth. The Wind Surge has home runs by Leobaldo Cabrera and D. J. Burt. Jordan Balazovic is pitching.
    Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities are tied 1-1 in the fifth. DaShawn Keirsey doubled home the Kernels' run. Louie Varland is pitching.

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