22 thoughts on “September 21, 2021: Da Cubs”

  1. We just booked 25 days in Spain (with a bonus 18 hr layover in Paris on the way home) for the 4 of us. We're going to be gone Halloween-Thanksgiving Friday. I'm going to be working remotely, while my wife takes a bunch of PTO. We're very excited, and a little nervous of course.

    Is there anyone who lives close enough to the airport that it wouldn't inconvenience them to help us out with our vehicle? I envision us driving to you, picking you up, and you dropping us at the terminal then returning to your place with our car. Then the reverse on the way back. Obviously a big ask since we're asking you to park our car at your place (street parking is 100% fine, just you know don't block a hydrant) and be free on the day after thanksgiving for a little bit.

  2. We've been wanting to update our kitchen counter tops to quartz since May, and in order to get started, we needed to get in the new cooktop so the contractors can get a good measurement. Our only requirement was that we wanted to have the work done by Thanksgiving -- no problem, right? Well, GE has given us a new delivery date for the cooktop (for the fifth time) now of October 28th. Supply chain FTW

      1. Everything has been in disarray. You remember the RR's intermodal embargo of the west coast ports not long ago? Intermodal traffic was running full out and the inland yards were piled with shipping containers and no one was picking them up in any timely manner. Meanwhile Long Beach / Los Angeles ports have a record number of ships waiting at sea currently.

        1. I've been dealing with nothing but West Coast problems. We've been cramming our containers into any port that will take them, east coast included. Got about 50 coming in the next month going through Prince Rupert for nibbish's sake.

          And yeah, then you have to deal with all the inland issues! Besides the extra couple weeks it takes just to get it through the port to rail, everything is jammed up. Chicago was a complete mess a few weeks ago (literally out of chassis), but at least that's subsided some.

  3. Looking for recommendations on a podcast. Maybe something humorous or storytelling. I just finished up a season of The Adventure Zone, and am ready to switch gears a bit, but I'm still looking more for entertainment than information. I mostly listen on my walks to/from work, and when mowing the lawn/digging egress windows, stuff like that. Never super long stretches, often interrupted.

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