2021 Game 153 – Blue Jays at Twins

This Joe Ryan kid looks like the real deal. Let's get the Tommy John surgery pool going now because it seems almost inevitable. The Twins take on Toronto today with Big Mike Pineda and Steven Matz getting the call. That's all I got. Play ball!

11 thoughts on “2021 Game 153 – Blue Jays at Twins”

  1. I’m at this game; my daughter’s choir sang the national anthem. I see it’s as hopping in here as it is in the park.

    The Twins lose way more than usual in the past few years when I’m in attendance. This time I could easily live with the opposition winning what with playoff standings, but the Twins aren’t having it.

      1. Still three more games that can be lost in this series. Blue Jays next play the Yankees and end with the Orioles so that's going to matter far more. Yankees meanwhile are playing the Red Sox now and finish against the Rays. There's still a lot of hope the Yankees miss the postseason this year.

    1. I probably saw your daughter, we had most of the choir coming in through Gate 6. They did a great job on the anthem, nice harmonies and the tempo was just right, not too fast and not too slow.

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