FMD 9/24/21: Shows That Aren’t

As mentioned earlier this week, sometimes one encounters a musical act in a venue or circumstance other than a concert. Shows that aren't, as it were (or weren't?).

The one that sticks out in my mind is Aerosmith, Britney Spears, and Aretha Franklin, at an NFL kickoff show. And another time I kind of stumbled across Live playing at some event blocked out near the U.S. Capitol, and checked that out for a few songs.

Who are some of those artists for you? When and where? Also lists of 10 songs, if you want to drop 'em.

4 thoughts on “FMD 9/24/21: Shows That Aren’t”

  1. 01. "Dark Light" – FloristThe Birds Outside Sang
    02. "Crowded Table" – The HighwomenThe Highwomen
    03. "If You Love Me" – Altyrone Deno BrownEccentric Soul Vol. 2: The Bandit Label
    04. "Suck And Let Go" – PeachesThe Teaches Of Peaches
    05. "Follow The Lights" – Pom PokoBirthday
    06. "Something I Can Never Have" – Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine
    07. "Big Kid Table" – Thao & The Get Down Stay DownWe Brave Bee Stings And All
    08. "With Him" – Blood OrangeFreetown Sound
    09. "When The Truth Is…" – Hamilton Leithauser + RostamI Had A Dream That You Were Mine
    10. "Hallway Homicide" – The OrwellsRemember When

  2. I went to the 9/11 show in DC at RFK and saw a song or two each from (among others):
    James Brown
    Michael Jackson
    Al Green
    Carole King
    P. Diddy
    Backstreet Boys
    Mariah Carey
    Destiny's Child
    Rod Stewart
    Huey Lewis and the News

    Oh, and it was emceed by John Stamos. I guess it was a series of concerts, but it was quite bizarre.

  3. I guess the only thing in my experience that qualifies is when our family was at Disney World in the 90s and Yellowjackets were performing at Main Street Stage in Downtown Disney. I stole away in the evening to wander over there and mill in the light crowd and caught a handful of their songs.

  4. Once when I worked at the UMN, I came across Billy Bragg playing union songs on the steps of Northrop.

    Summer of ‘82 I saw a very young Red Hot Chili Peppers take over Northern Lights record store on Hennepin Avenue

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