30 thoughts on “September 24, 2021: Al or Sn”

    1. The Ryder Cup is so much fun. The players are pumped up, and the winds are strong, so there's been a lot of scrambling.

      Luckily, I've had a lot of desk work today, so I've had it on while I've been working.

    1. which flavor? Or a bundle?

      I've been with State Farm for auto since I started driving, added home when that became relevant. As a Mutual Company policy holder, I sometimes get "dividend" checks (or something along those lines) for small amounts of money. I looked around at others once a decade or so ago, but didn't see any alternatives that were compelling.

      That said, insurance is pretty much a scam. We had a few years ago on our house because of water damage caused by "stucco failure". Had to replace all of our windows because code at the time the house was constructed didn't require flashing and generally sucked (look up "Western One-coat"). Unfortunately, the state legislature had settled class action suits against developers back in the early 2000s, which gave home owners ten years from the completion of construction to sue for damages. Our stucco failure occurred about 18 years after completion. We had a good adjustor and the good fortune of having had a handyman open up some walls to expose water damage. But they paid zero for the exterior repairs (window replacement, stucco repair, painting). Which is absurd, given that it was the exterior damage that was causing the interior damage.

  1. It's Fan Appreciation weekend at Target Field. Tonight's giveaway is a continuation of last night - Twins stocking caps in Mets colors. I think a vendor must have screwed up the order. Saturday is Justin Morneau's induction into the Twins Hall of Fame, with Big Canuk HOF bobbleheads. Sunday is Kids' Day, tykes receive a TC kid's mug, Plenty of seats available.

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