4 thoughts on “game 155: jays @ twins”

  1. Little Nicky wouldn't leave after the ceremony. First, he had a mock fight with Josh Donaldson in the Twins dugout. Then, he was yelling back and forth with all the umpires culminating with one of them giving Punto the "call me" signal. Finally, he was hollering into the Blue Jays dugout until they finally herded him off the field.

  2. Early farm report:

    The Saints scored three in the first and lead Iowa 4-2 in the fifth. Drew Strotman is pitching for St. Paul.
    Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities are scoreless through three. Sawyer Gipson-Long has struck out seven. A Kernels win would give them the High-A Central/West championship. A loss would force them to a deciding fifth game tomorrow night.

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