19 thoughts on “September 26, 2021: Stuffed”

  1. Twayn (or anyone with his info) - remind me what section you’ll be patrolling today so I can swing by with Niblet to say hello. You can text me too: (Mpls) niner six eight - seventy five eighty three

    1. Sorry, I'm not working today's game. I'll work again on Tuesday and Thursday and that will wrap up the season. There seems to be a major shortage of ushers these days, I'm thinking of applying with the Wolves and Wild. U of M and Vikings are also looking for help, as are the Guthrie, State, Pantages and Orpheum.

      1. You were insanely dominant this week. I looked and I'm pretty sure I would have won against either of the other semifinalists. Of course, you also had a fair number of players playing against Baltimore and Miami and other not-so-good teams.

        Good luck next week!

        1. Your pitchers had a really rough week. I didn't mind. Also, there were some pitchers I considered dropping, but I saw the same type of upcoming opponents you mentioned and decided to give them another roll of the dice. It worked out.

  2. Texting with my kid during the Giants game in the top of the 9th. He opines that he hopes [name] gets to the plate with RISP (Crawford up with runners on the corners and 2 out).

    I respond with "or let Crawford clear the bases."

    Next pitch: Crawford goes opposite field for a donger.

    I am a magician.

      1. Actually that quote is correctly attributed to Honest Abe. He told my in-laws it's what the "Young Family does" in games like Saints v. Packers. I was quite proud.

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