October 4, 2021: Red Green

A new family moved in a few houses down about a month ago. Shortly after, I noticed they changed their driveway lights to a red and a green bulb, like Christmas or something. As I mentioned, they just moved in, so that means they purposefully changed to those bulbs. I couldn't imagine why. Driving through the neighborhood, I've noticed a couple other houses with red and green driveway lights. I'm wondering if there's some weird cult I've been missing out on.

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  1. My dad came through hip surgery, but his numbers were low due to a collapsed lung with a lot of fluid on it. They intubated him for a while, and it was a bit touch-and-go, but they eventually were able to remove the tube and he was breathing on his own and conscious and visiting. That said, they weren't able to move him to a room for a long time due to staff shortages, and they really wanted to move him to an ICU, but there was none to be had for 300 miles in any direction. Folks, I suggest being very careful with yourselves for the foreseeable future.

  2. So, 3 of the last 4 nights have resulted in very little sleep for me. I crash about 11pm and fall asleep right away. However, I have been waking up at 130 or 2 with a feeling of shortness of breath. I almost feel panicked at not being able to breathe. No sinus congestion, so I try to just take deep measured breaths to relax and settle down. Then, the rest of the night, I will fall asleep for 3-5 minutes at a time and then wake up again with shortness of breath. I am going to give it another couple of nights and if it continues, I am going in to get it checked out. I have never experience anything like this in the past. Very troubling.

    1. My suggestion is not to wait. Get it checked out now. I'm no doctor, but I understand that breathing is important, and to have that much shortness of breath has to be a sign of something. Do it now.

      1. This.

        A couple years ago Philosofette "waited it out" with what ended up being appendicitis, and her appendix ultimately ruptured. She got lucky in that her body built an abcess around the rupture, but if her body had behaved normally she almost certainly would have died.

        Obviously different from your symptoms, but do not wait on this stuff.

        1. I also had a ruptured appendix from waiting too long to get treated, that's been about nine or ten years ago now. I was convinced I had food poisoning from eating McDonalds for lunch, but of course I was wrong. By the time we got to the ER that bad boy had burst and I had to get the full-incision appendectomy instead of the laparoscopic procedure. Also a drainage tube. Nothing takes away your breath like having a foot of drainage tube pulled out of your abdomen.

    2. Do it now, brother. Shortness of breath is exactly how I described the early angina pains that preceded my heart attack. I seriously thought it was emphysema or something to do with my lungs. Don't wait another day, please.

  3. So the Rays could be good for years to come. It's a shame they aren't supported better in Tampa.

  4. I wonder who is attacking Facebook today and why? Not that there's a shortage of reason to attack Facebook. My most recent beef with Zuckerberg is the relentless pushing of Thomas Sowell content to my news feed. Next time I get one I'm reporting it as harassment.

    1. lol

      1. I definitely use it as a main repository for photos and memories I'd like to look back on, so in that regard I'd be rather sad. But in lots of other regards...

        1. yeah, I primarily use it to keep up with folks from HS, college, family, and former coworkers. if I could easily eliminate any of them answering which of six condiments they could live without for life, or other lame phishing posts, I'd be a lot happier.

          1. It's pretty good for group informing (kids teams, etc), but I think there are other ways we could handle that without all the negative trade-offs.

          1. Since they get uploaded to FB from somewhere else, I figure I have them all somewhere. But where? That is the question. FB is nice because it's the ones I already sorted through and picked out.

          2. I always had my photos on a couple separate drives somewheres, so I didn't even bother to do that. Not a day goes by I regret leaving that cursed site.

      2. Like most technology, it depends on how you use it. If people annoy you, just hide or unfriend. I only follow people that post pictures of milestones and vacations. If you share articles or political opinions, you're hidden from my feed.

        I'm in some groups that provide a lot of good information. There is the occasional person whining about Covid protocols at the kids' colleges but it is a good way to get information.

        1. This pretty much describes me too. As mentioned before, I've definitely culled my friends, and review about every couple of months and the people who are all about politics get stricken, even if I agree with their positions. The main thing is that I am in a couple of groups that are good and informative. If it wasn't for those, I would probably delete. Also my mom and my nieces get into comment battles about tattoos, child rearing, and other trivial stuff, that is a hoot to watch play out.

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