20 thoughts on “October 6, 2021: Reminder”

  1. Fantasy Baseball...
    I don't know who ben is here, but we had a furious fight to the finish to tie for first in the fantasy league. It was fun and then also more nerve-wracking than a no-stakes game against anonymish internet freinds really should be.
    I tip my cap!

    But it could've ben mine, all mine! SelectShow
    1. I don't know if it ultimately helped or hurt me, but I didn't understand how the scoring worked until the last week. I've only done head to head fantasy football before.

    2. I was in an office fantasy baseball league this year and found that I greatly prefer the head to head style of play. I know it makes purists cringe, but it's more enjoyable on a week to week basis.

      I finished the regular season in second place out of twelve, then completely punted the playoffs.

      In the Half-Bakef?? Yeah...that was pretty bad.

      1. Aww, I forgot to give an update on the podcast on how your Quality Team fared.

        My other two leagues are head to head. It's certainly different and I don't know if I could say I prefer one or the other.

        On the subject of the Half-Bakef league, let me know if anyone wants any changes for next year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with keepers yet, so I'd appreciate any suggestions. Maybe rpz will show up with the other league again and we'll turn this one into head to head.

        1. I've never played head-to-head. I'm not sure I want to pay that much attention to two fantasy teams, but I might like to try the different format.

              1. Buster Bluth famously dated "Lucille 2" - played by Liza Minelli - who was a stand-in for his mother, both of them being "an old lady". Marta was the young, caring, attractive woman that his brothers were fighting over. The gag being that then Buster fell for Marta too. You know what? Just watch the show. At least the first 2 seasons.

                Anyway, Marta is head-to-head, which is amazingly superior to the "old lady" of rotisserie.

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