28 thoughts on “October 2, 2021: Slog”

  1. Who are folks rooting for in each league’s Division Series? Given the alternative, I’m left hoping the Rays make it all the way to the World Series. (While I think the Rays are a brilliant organization, I have mixed feelings about their motives, legal as they are within MLB’s current rules.)

    As for the NL, I’m stuck between appreciating what the Brewers have done, liking their manager and several players on the team (EE!), and loathing almost every aspect of Wisconsin’s sports culture. But it’s going to be either the Brewers or the Giants.

    1. Rays and Brewers for me. While I generally agree with you about Wisconsin sports culture, I've got lots of baseball fan friends down here who are Brewers fans or Cubs fans who also like the Brewers. I would also like to see Burnes win the Cy Young instead of a bigger name.

    2. I've been so separated from baseball the last 2 years that I'm not even really sure who's on each team anymore. TB has Cruz right? My cheering interests usually align with teams that haven't won in a while. Boston has won 4 in the last 20 years, so they're out. Astros won, but cheated, so I don't know that I can root for them. If the White Sox weren't the Twins rival in the division, I might cheer for them, but in the end, I'm going to go with the Rays.

      On the NL side, the Dodgers feel like the new Yankees. I have a hard time rooting them on. The Braves if I recall just barely squeaked in. In contrast to what I stated above, I'm actually sort of leaning toward the Giants because I feel like they came out of nowhere this year. Even though they won 3 not too long ago. And the Brewers... I just don't know much about them. But I could be persuaded to cheer them on.

      On the matchup side, a Brewers-White Sox matchup would be pretty cool. Boston-LA would be delightful for the big networks. Braves-Rays would be a cool SE series. But really, I don't have much of a dog in this hunt.

    3. While I think the Rays are a brilliant organization, I have mixed feelings about their motives, legal as they are within MLB’s current rules.

      This popped into my head this morning too. They're the scrappy, beloved organization doing more with less but are also ruthless with their roster.

    4. I've adopted the Rays as my second rooting interest since 2008. They're ruthless. Every team is ruthless. They're just better at it.

      I guess out of the other 3 AL teams, I'd rather see Dusty win a ring than LaRussa or Cora.

      Brewers are my pick for the NL. Watching last night, I realized that a lot of my continued rooting interest for the Dodgers is just that I like Kershaw and want to see him pitch well. Now that he's hurt, they can happily lose to the Giants.

    5. I'm all in for the Rays and the Brew Crew. Still have a bad taste in my mouth from the '82 series. Also, it would be great to see a team get their first series win, I am sick of the Yankees, left coast Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, & Giants. And the Braves can take their tomahawk chop and go home.

  2. How did a game with only 2 runs scored until the last moment take over 4 hours?

    Last night was State's evidence #1 for a pitch clock. The relievers especially were excruciatingly slow on delivering the ball. Plus lots of near full counts, foul balls, etc. Last night's game would not have won over a lot of new fans.

        1. Absolutely. But, man, saying Trae Turner (I think that's who it was) is the fastest guy in baseball and then immediately saying he had more GDPs than anyone this year is pretty funny.

  3. The new James Bond movie comes out this weekend and the movie theater in town is showing it (a sawbuck will get you a ticket, popcorn, and soda!) but the runtime is roughly 2 hour 45 minutes and I think I cant sit through that.

  4. This is cool

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