18 thoughts on “October 11, 2021: Come Sail Away”

        1. hj knows this but for others: the "WGOM Videos" category will place your video in the right spot. Same thing as the "Cup of Coffee" category placing each day's Cup in the adjacent spot. The ability to vote on a post happens by marking it as a "Video" post in the format field.

  1. Hey everyone -

    I thought I'd ask just one more time, but can we trouble anyone to drop us off at the airport on the 31st, pick us up on Black Friday and have our car in between?

    1. I've offered but the drive down to get me is going to be painful, but not worse than the drive back to the airport. What I do with your car in between is my problem.

      1. Hey UW good to see you.

        We are spending November in Spain. I was hoping maybe there'd be someone free where we could swing by their place on the 31st to pick you up, then have them drop us off and take our car with the. and park it on the street somewhere so we wouldn't have to pay to park. Then we return the afternoon of Black Friday where we would need picked up and then we could drop them back at home and be on our way.

        If your free and willing we'd surely appreciate it and would bring you back something for your trouble.

        1. We'll find a way to figure something out, but I will be away from this site today all day for work and life. We will just have to hash out the details.

    1. That last at bat was wild.

      From Yahoo Sports:

      The Statcast numbers really captured just how much the wind saved the Giants. Lux hit the ball 106.9 mph with a 22-degree launch angle, calculated to have an .890 expected batting average. Basically, that ball is a hit, an extra-base hit, nine times out of 10. Even multiple members of the Giants said they thought the ball was a homer after the game.

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