October 16, 2021: Ugh

Seriously, this is just the worst possible combination for the final four teams in baseball.

All right, I'd still take the Dodgers over the Cards, but besides that, worst final four teams.

16 thoughts on “October 16, 2021: Ugh”

  1. hj, does that anti-Cardinals feeling stem from a particular episode or issue with the team, or its fanbase’s self-regard? If the Twins could emulate the Cardinals’ consistent quality of play, I’d be pretty happy. Something of a blend of the Rays’ & Cardinals’ approaches to roster construction & player development seems like a good model for the Twins.

    All that said, I don’t understand Mozeliak firing Schildt. There must be more that hasn’t yet come to light.

  2. Just saw a Bayer aspirin advert doing a sob story about preventing heart attacks. Oh, man. Timing!

    Given the recent findings that the cost-benefit does not support the use of baby aspirin for prevention for most people....

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