October 18, 2021: Upgrade

Apparently we're upgrading our email system today, but no one has explained why PST files are now obsolete. As the unofficial IT guy, I can't wait to explain this to everyone.

7 thoughts on “October 18, 2021: Upgrade”

    1. I spilled wine on my previous gaming laptop and the HDMI port stopped working, so I was forced to buy a newer, better one a couple weeks ago which came with Windows 11.

    2. Microsoft picked a high bar for how recent a system needs to be for Windows 11. You should be able to continue running Windows 10 for a few more years or run Windows 11 in an "unsupported" state.

      1. To be fair, my laptop was manufactured in 2010, but I've upgraded it to the max over the years - fastest possible CPU and memory, SSD storage, HD video accelerator, Wireless N card, the whole nine yards. With the upgrade to Windows 10 I lost use of my internal microphone because no driver from Dell but other than that it's lasted quite a long time and been incredibly stable and speedy. However, we just spent the weekend converting Younger Daughter's bedroom into an office for Mrs. Twayn and I'm amazed by how thin and light laptops are these days and I think I might want a newer one.

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