19 thoughts on “October 19, 2021: Hot Goss”

  1. AFL Report:

    Salt River 7, Scottsdale 6.

    Matt Wallner was 3-for-5 with a home run (his second) and two RBIs. He's batting .375.
    Andrew Bechtold was 2-for-4 with two doubles and a walk. He's batting .333.
    Evan Sisk allowed four runs and retired no one, giving up one hit, two walks, and a hit batsman. His ERA is 27.00.

    1. I love FB. I use it for all sorts of things that don't cause me grief, and even actively make my life better. I love being able to look back on memories so easily, especially of my children. I've actually had very good political discussions - and a lot of people who tell me they don't comment but read and appreciate what I write. But I've also been completely maddened by a lot of things, and I'm thinking a lot about how I use the tool lately - whether I need to be even more strict in my curating (and I'm already pretty good about that), or whether I even need to move away completely. I don't think I'm there, yet, but some of the people I respect most have moved off of the platform recently. And I'm realizing that (one of) the communities I'm there for isn't necessarily the community I have anymore.

      1. I'm in the same boat, minus any political discussion involvement. My main irritation are all the people participating in the stupid "polls" -- Which of these must go? This cute puppy is named after the last thing you ate. Who remembers these anymore? If you did over 17 of these, you're an old timer. Ad nauseum.

        1. Especially since those "polls" or questions are just data harvesting. I tell my mom that but she keeps responding. You can right click on the those and not see them anymore from that particular page, FYI.

            1. Sometimes I've wanted to go on this kind of spree, but I fear it would just let FB know I was engaged. Not that they don't already precisely know that information....

  2. Thanks to the wonders of post-lockdown air flight, I leave for the StL airport a bit before 3PM and arrive in Oma 11:30PM*. Anyone need anything while I'm in Denver? I have a lot of time.

    *this is SWA, so this is if nothing goes wrong

    1. There's really good beer in Denver. Not that you care. 😬

      But Wynkoop has good pub food and is located with a nice view of Union Station, which might interest you. Lots of other options nearby.

  3. I was honored to get my father's flag from the funeral*, and now I'm looking for a nice shadow box to display it in. I'm finding out that there isn't a standard size flag, so I'll need to find one roughly 26" across the bottom and 16" on the two edges. I think I'll stop by Michael's when I have a chance and window shop a bit before making any decision.

    *my parents received a flag that my brother-in-law sent them that flew over a base in Iraq, and one of my brothers has one that flew over the IA state capitol on 9/11 -- the other two brothers and sister were good with Dad's flag in my keep

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