22 thoughts on “October 26, 2021: Friendly”

  1. AFL report:

    Glendale 7, Scottsdale 6.

    Not a good day for the Twins:

    Andrew Bechtold was 0-for-3 with two walks.
    Matt Wallner was 0-for-4 with a walk.
    Zach Featherstone pitched two-thirds of an inning, giving up four runs on three hits and two walks and striking out one.

  2. The only thing more predictable than the Wolves laying an egg as soon as some optimism starts developing is a NBA game officiated by Ed Malloy being poorly officiated. That guy is a clown.

    1. this surprises me. I'd always thought of Malloy as fairly reasonable ref. Statistically, he sits in the middle of the pack in terms of both overall whistle-happiness and home-team bias in calls (very little empirical bias).

  3. Needed one more flight this year to qualify for SWA's A-list next year, but I didn't have anything else scheduled. I got a $49 fare alert, but after digging, the only flights I could find at that rate were to Omaha. Welp, looks like I do have one more work trip this year...

  4. Sometimes happy accidents happen. Mine today was searching Austin events the weekend I am travelling there. It just so happens that they host a Food and Wine Festival while I am there. I love it when things like this happen. I love food. I love wine. I love food and wine paired together. Nice!

    1. which Austin?

      because I know there is some sort of festival coinciding with the proposed "All-80s" multi-class reunion event planned for next August in Spamtown (my 40th would have been this year but was COVID-delayed).

        1. I am told that the midbrow culinary scene in Spamtown has become much, much more diverse and interesting in the last couple of decades. Which may not be saying all that much.

          Plus, George's and the Tendermaid still stand.

      1. Co-sign. Gordo’s call was iconic and reveled in the moment. By not mentioning Puckett (but inexplicably name-checking Keith Mitchell, who clearly had no play!) and immediately focusing on “tomorrow night,” Buck’s call effectively drew attention away from the player & his moment. The only thing he did right was let the waves of crowd noise come through. Gordo surfed those waves with his call:

  5. The verbal equivalent of the Selig shrug.

    1. Sounds like Manfred is basically saying, “The team simply can’t afford to alienate a market full of racists with disposable income who like to lampoon the culture of people forced from that region by an act of ethnic cleansing.”

    2. I just saw the quote this morning, what an absolute weasel. At this point I'm expecting baseball's official NFT partner to be offering up an NFT of The Chop by the end of the World Series, Bally's might even be taking odds on it.

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