12 thoughts on “November 1, 2021: Once, On A Halloween Night, Long Long Ago…”

  1. AFL report:

    No games yesterday.

    Scottsdale is 5-11, in third (last) place in the AFL East, 2.5 games behind Mesa.

    Andrew Bechtold is batting .235/.366/.324 in 34 at-bats.
    Michael Helman is batting .214/.333/.250 in 28 at-bats.
    Matt Wallner is batting .278/.400/.611 in 36 at-bats.

    Zach Featherstone is 0-1, 8.44, 2.25 WHIP, .333 average against with 9 strikeouts in 5.1 innings.
    Kody Funderburk is 0-2, 10.29, 2.71 WHIP, .400 average against with 7 strikeouts in 7 innings.
    Cody Laweryson is 0-0, 1.00, 0.89 WHIP, .147 average against with 13 strikeouts in 9 innings.
    Evan Sisk is 0-0, 14.40, 2.60 WHIP, .286 average against with 7 strikeouts in 5 innings.

  2. Ran into one of the families who live down the block as I took the Poissonnière out trick-or-treating yesterday evening. The husband/dad is in the Navy, so I figured they were originally from elsewhere. He mentioned his mom was in town from Minnesota for a visit, so I asked where he grew up. Turns out he’s from Bemidji. Naturally, Halloween ‘91 came up.

  3. On the way back to StL from Nashville; hard to believe there's a trucker shortage.

    Got to try a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich from Hattie B's, some BBQ from Martin's BBQ, and Old Smokey Distillery to watch Brady fail the comeback on the jumbo screen. Tip to visitors: the library's parking garage is a good deal.

      1. Not sure I'd call it greasy, what with the hot sauce and all. The coleslaw took the edge off of some of the bite, the it still burned on the lips. Mrs Runner leaned heavily on her Louisiana heritage and hot her southern on.

  4. We made it to Malaga with only the tiniest of travel inconviences (the infant boarding pass acted up on both boardings, so we boarded last. Our MSP-CDG flight was only about half full so that wasn't a big deal. CDG-AGP was very< full, which meant I ended up with my bag under the seat in front of me, which meant stiff legs)

    And it all kicked off because Uncle Walt is a fantastic guy who dropped us at the airport.

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