29 thoughts on “November 16, 2021: Whiff”

    1. Good for him.

      That's $18.7 million per year over the contract, though I assume 2022 is closer to his arb salary (MLBTR projects $11 million) and instead it's 6 years at $120 million. $20 million per year for a mid-rotation starter that has never missed a start. Seems very reasonable.

      1. Agreed, good for José. Toronto seemed like a great fit for him, but the club and the town.

        Makes you wonder what non-starter numbers the Twins had pitched him.

        1. It could also have been a contract length issue. I could see the Twins not wanting a long contract and only offering a four year extension.

  1. Another pitcher off the board.

    1. Uffda. He’s definitely got talent, but has never thrown 200 innings in MLB. Factor in the Angels’ track record with starting pitcher health, and that’s a lot of risk.

  2. Interesting concert situation. Headliner cancelled tonight and Palace Theater just changed to the opener. On Twitter, they claimed you could request a refund but website and app both say no refunds.

    1. Does this impact you? This is what First Ave/Palace is now saying:

      I wonder if someone from Bad Religion got the 'vid.

      I also saw that a something at the Cedar also had a show cancelation today.

      1. I'll try that. Thanks.

        I'm guessing you're right on the reason. Although it sounds like ticket sales weren't great. I'm not sure how the bands get compensated.

      2. I love forms like this. Order number required.

        I have a reference number, confirmation number, and authorization number all on the order email.

        In the app, I have a seat ID.

        I suppose I just need to guess which one they mean.

  3. I've been reluctant to talk about it openly yet, but over the last few weeks I've been interviewing with a healthcare IT company based in Atlanta, the market and role are right in my wheelhouse. A former colleague who's consulting there recommended me, so I've had a champion on the inside. I've done three individual interviews and a group interview, plus a writing exercise. Today I talked for an hour with the CMO again and at the end of the call I got an offer, which I'm inclined to accept. We talked ballpark compensation and I expect an offer letter from their HR recruiter tomorrow, so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Let the negotiations begin.

      1. No relocation, but I'll have to fly to Atlanta three or four times a year for strategy and planning sessions. Which is cool, because I have two nieces in the movie business down there that I can visit. Also, Gus's Fried Chicken.

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