10 thoughts on “November 20, 2021: Lost Evening”

  1. AFL report:

    Mesa 4, Scottsdale 3.

    Matt Wallner was 1-for-3 with a walk. He is batting .303.
    Andrew Bechtold was 2-for-3. He is batting .237.
    Zach Featherstone pitched a perfect inning. His ERA is 8.10.

    Scottsdale finishes the season at 12-18, in second place in the AFL East, four games behind Mesa.

  2. I suppose I should gather up the last of the leaves and haul them to the compost site. I don't know how many years the weather forecast has told me there's plenty of time for that only to get a surprise snowstorm before I finish the yard work.

    1. We got the bulk in to the curb today prior to the The City Of Hartford's second leaf pickup date (11/21) . The dudes will come thru and blow everything into the street, then a Dr. Suess machine will come through and suck it all up.

      Alas, there are still leaves on the trees, and the remainder will just end up in my weekly trash bin.

      1. Our city has a contract with one of the big refuse collectors. They are supposed to do weekly leaf collection starting each November (monthly the rest of year, even though we also have green waste bins as well), using the "claw" to pick up street piles and dump into a truck. My day is Thursdays.

        Apparently, the company is very short-staffed (has been for a year). No pickup at all the first week. Last two have been very late (Saturdays). Consequence of which is nobody knows when/if pickup will happen, piles get mangled or parked over, and streets are clogged. We have a very antiquated storm sewer network that gets clogged and overwhelmed during the wet season (which, good news/bad news, has begun).

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