November 23, 2021: The Road Ahead

Timberwolves win their fourth in a row in convincing fashion. I think the next number of games will show us what kind of team we have.

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      1. He's a max effort guy and he was scoring last night, too, which was fun. After watching Jonas Valanciunas absolutely destroy Towns earlier in the season, it was good to see Towns really take it to him.

  1. The boys are off school tomorrow and I've told them they'll be spending some of their time helping me make cranberry sauce, rolls, and pie. What could possibly go wrong?!

  2. Will be in Alexandria on Dec. 11 for a Lego League tournament. Not sure we'll be able to stop at Zoom's place, given we've got a pretty tight schedule and 3 teams to navigate through it. But we'll try.

    It's a petty cool extra-cirricular (co-cirricular?) - basically robotics, but with legos, for younger students. It's been a crazy year of practices, trying to coordinate 3 teams of 4th - 6th graders, and get everyone enough time to do programming and research and the like. A few years back we did our first tournament ever and surprisingly made it to the next level. I'm not counting on that this year. I'm actually counting on not advancing (I'm ready for a bit of a break). I'm just hoping the students have as much fun as they did 2 years ago.

    1. Honest Abe would love that. His recent extracurricular activity is a drone flying club. Right now, he's still using a simulator, but eventually he'll build and replace his own drone.

  3. Man, I had forgotten how annoying it is when they dilate your pupils. About a week ago I developed a floater in my right eye, so I saw a retinal specialist today to confirm there's nothing wrong. Good news, the retina and everything else looks real healthy. Bad news, the floater is there and it's not going away. Good news, the brain eventually ignores the floater and you only see it occasionally, usually in bright light. Bad news, getting old sucks.

      1. I was a little concerned because of family history. Boe had a detached retina a year or so ago, and my next older brother has had a couple of retinal tears. It was nice to get clean bill of ocular health otherwise, though.

        1. Oh, no, you should always keep your retinal health in mind. If the floater was an excuse to get the full checkup, then that's great.

          I've had some great scientific-ish discussions with my optometrist when I've had my retina imaged -- there is some overlap in the science with what I was doing back in a previous life with aircraft radar programming, and my optometrist seemed more than happy to discuss the intricacies with someone that had at least a little understanding of what he was talking about. Plus, it's just so damn cool just how much of the retina can be imaged.

      2. Floaters. Ugh! I have had floaters in my vision for 30 years. Very distracting. They are most noticeable when working on my computer in my office. I have my eyes checked out pretty much on a yearly basis and there are never any concerns from the doc.

        1. Similar, I've had them for at least 15 years now. I thankfully don't notice them much expect against bright backgrounds like today's nice blue sky or when my monitor is mostly white. Then if I haven't cleaned my glasses in a while it's extra distracting.

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