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    1. I've always hated Black Friday, especially when it turned into Black Thursday Night. I have never participated and have no plans to change that, but I will be Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday for a new toaster oven.

        1. 15-20 years ago, Black Friday used to be one of the biggest restaurant days in the industry. As retailers kept opening earlier and earlier, and then opening on Thanksgiving Day, it resulted in Black Friday just being an average restaurant Friday. With the retailers backing away from opening on Thanksgiving, it will be curious to see what it does to our Black Friday this year. Preparing to get my butt kicked.

  1. So my brother and SiL started experiencing cold symptoms last night. This morning, he tested positive on a rapid test.

    They drove out here and stopped at a family event with a shit-ton of anti-vax, conspiracy-theory conservative, rural cousins. A super-spreader baptism at a church, with a super-spreader reception in the church basement. My wife is beyond pissed.

    So how's your Black Friday going?

    1. My son and his GF are here from LA and were going to stay until Tuesday. Now they may drive home today (they are supposed to go visit her mom in NYC in two weeks, so cannot afford further exposure even though they are boosted).

      1. And your brother and SIL were at your place, too? Yikes. Good luck to all.

        We had a scare right before we left to head up to our ski vacation. Literally 10 minutes before we were ready to drive away, SIL got a contact tracing notification that she had been in close contact with someone who later tested positive. So, our first day in the mountains was spent locked down inside, awaiting test results. Thankfully, it came back negative.

        1. Yes. We spent Wednesday evening and all day Thursday with them.

          We had a window open for extra ventilation. She kept closing it.

          They are vaccinated, but the only other person at the baptism who was, was the one with "a cold." And very likely the vector.

          1. Update. Apparently there were SEVERAL people at the baptism who had "colds."

            A. Why would you go to that event on the way here? Pick one.

            B. Once you were there and realized that there were multiple people with symptomatic illnesses, why would you continue on to my house, hoping to get lucky?

            My wife is beyond angry. I can't blame her, because I am pissed at the absolute narcissism.

      2. Younger Daughter's boyfriend has been sick for a week after going deer hunting with his unvaxxed brother. Fever, cough, muscle aches, fatigue, but his COVID test came back negative on Wednesday. Turns out he hadn't bothered to get a flu shot and the symptoms are pretty classic influenza.

    2. My aunt died this morning after her granddaughter visited her a few weeks ago before she knew she had COVID. She was eighty-ish and was given six months to live and five years ago, so there was no way she was going to be able to handle covid and pneumonia.

      My MIL had covid as well, so she had to miss Thanksgiving (she's vaccinated and wears a mask, but works in a restaurant. She'll be fine because of the Vax, at least.)

      I've also got an unvaxed uncle in the hospital struggling to maintain o2 levels. He made an improvement yesterday but is not out of the woods yet. He has two kids the same ages as mine and an unvaxed wife. My mom had been arguing with about half of her brothers/sisters about this. (family of fifteen)

      Get the god dammed vaccination.

      1. So sorry for your loss. And yes, get the goddamn vaccine and take this shit seriously.

        We were going to have a family Hanukkah celebration on Monday. Latkes, brisket. All that is lost. My kid and his GF just left for the return drive to LA.

        My parents are 88. This may be the last time my children see their grandparents.

    3. My symptom-free brother - vaccinated, not yet boosted - tested positive on Wednesday … on the fourth test. I don’t have all the details, but basically, his wife and son felt pretty crappy all week and weren’t improving, so they just all just kept testing.

      Long story short, big family Turkey day was called off and everyone just partied with the folks they’d been in recent contact with. We were going to stop by, but had the big dinner scheduled at my SiL’s place so it was no skin off my nose. I made a few turkey runs (cousin had already started the smoked turkey before the call to cancel) so I took Tupperware to his place, had a plate and some cider, then delivered said Tupperware to my parents and the other brother.

      Mom had been watching my brother’s COVID positive son so she tested today - negative. There are some hard feelings, because they’re not sure where it came from, and lots of interaction between about 5 households over the past week (all vaxxed) because kids and child care and holiday preparations.

    4. We had to get antigen tests as part of the entry requirements to come home. Obviously all negative or we'd still be in Spanish quarantine.

      The 4 year old was a real trooper about the nasal swab. I felt terrible putting her through it, but it was the price to pay for the trip and I must admit the peace of mind of a negative test was nice for me. (The 1 yr old was exempt from testing requirements)

  2. If Scott Frost had a job on Tuesday, the photos he has of the Nebraska AD and President must be out of this world.

    1. Cant even call todays loss bad luck or the refs faulty or nothing. Just a complete meltdown in the second half.

      1. When I checked the score and saw 21-6 midway through the third quarter, I thought even this year’s Nebraska wouldn’t manage to mess that one up. How wrong I was.

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