18 thoughts on “December 4, 2021: MWST”

    1. When I was 16 I bartended at my parents joint. We served Tom and Jerry's around the holidays. The mix my folks used was a store bought mix that you would stir into the rum and hot water. As I would mix it each time I was in full omgsodisgusting mode. As a result, the thought of a Tom and Jerry is revolting to me. I know it makes no sense, and I honestly have never tried one, but no thank you... just yuck.

        1. I don't know, I discovered the use of an egg white in some cocktails and they are fantastic.

              1. I mean, its all pasteurized. Nobody around here’s letting me crack and serve raw eggs…

    2. I will add that the neighbors have shared their homemade coquito, and that also makes for pretty good cheer. I’m all for the creamy, rummy holiday libations.

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