14 thoughts on “December 5, 2021: Homestand”

  1. Since the start of last season the Wild are 52-22-6 (110 points in 80 games).

    The Wild have never won like this.

    Fewest games to amass 110 points in Wild history:
    80 games - Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2021 (52-22-6)
    85 games - Oct. 2006 - Oct. 2007 (51-26-8)
    88 games - Mar. 2014 - Apr. 2015 (51-28-9)

  2. Micah says MIN and COL in essentially a dead heat.

    Dom says COL still with the edge.

    Money Puck gives the edge to MIN

    1. Very cool to see Tony O. & Minnie Miñoso go in together. That first generation of post-integration Cuban stars was really something. Too bad Minnie didn’t live to enjoy it.

      Buck O’Neil gets a belated induction, along with Bud Fowler. John Donaldson didn’t make it.

    2. By black ink and gray ink, Tony O clearly belongs. By JAWS standards, not so much.

      But 1964-71, he was in a very small group of best players in baseball.

      Kaat seems to be a weaker case. Looong career, with a pretty solid-if-not-spectacular resume.

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