25 thoughts on “December 6, 2021: Let `Em In”

    1. I think that the first half of yesterday's game was about the worst gameplan I've seen all year. The guy just will not adapt to what's happening on the field.

      And I know the defense was pretty dinged up (to put it mildly), but letting a bottom five offense that was missing their most explosive player walk down the field in a minute was...very poor.

      1. I was trying to put up a skating rink yesterday afternoon (partially successful. The base is complete, it was too windy to do the liner. Wind shifted the base a good 5 feet, but I'll get it back into place without too much hassle. Not sure when we'll get to the next steps though), so I had the good fortune of missing the majority of the game.

        I came in and saw the last play before the 2 minute warning, and said to myself "this is going to be an epic loss. Let's watch and laugh!"

        1. When the Vikings scored with a little over a minute left to take the lead, and the announcers were acting like they'd won the game, my thought was, "Never underestimate the ability of the Vikings to screw things up."

          1. Yeah, Newbish started jumping around with joy when Jefferson scored the touchdown (and doing his version of Jefferson's signature dance), proclaiming that the Vikings had won.

            Oh, child. You have not yet learned.

            But you will.

  1. First day of work on the new job. Three morning meetings back to back, half an hour free, and an hour of new hire orientation coming up. Most of my afternoon is self-directed time, though, which is good because I have a bunch of meetings to schedule.

    1. Most of my afternoon is self-directed time, though, which is good because I have a bunch of meetings to schedule.

      Welcome back!

  2. My chef's father passed away yesterday. Spent the morning trying to juggle my schedule this week around to fit in 2 wakes and 2 funerals. Yikes.

  3. Man, the market has been on a rollercoaster ride the past week.
    That said, YTD, the S&P 500 is up just over 24 percent. Maybe some context is important....

        1. One of my IT guys was talking up crypto to me in the fall. I just shook my head.

          Dollar-cost-average into index funds, young blood.

        2. Around a year ago I bought $100 of Dogecoin just to goof around. It one time was worth about $200. Did more research and decided to take my $100 out and let the rest ride. Last time I looked it was work $11.50.

      1. I get free* Basic Attention Tokens from using Brave ads that I've invested in various cryptos. I'm at around $150 right now in my wallet, none of which I contributed.

        I probably won't put my own money in, but I'll take it if they're giving it away.

        *They get my eyeballs

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