15 thoughts on “January 14, 2022: I Know The End”

    1. Minnesota had average daily high temps of 26 degrees and lows of 23 degrees in December. I thought about 20 degrees for average highs was more typical for the month, but it turns out 26.4 is actually the average.

  1. 4 year anniversary of the Minneapolis Miracle. That and the USMNT win over Algeria in 2010 World Cup are the two most incredible "victory wrenched from the claws of defeat" sporting events I ever saw on TV.

      1. I would have enjoyed that.

        I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but my immediate and verbal response to that catch was, "What are you doing!? Get out of bounds!" That was very quickly followed with, "Oh! Yeah!! Run, run, run!!!"

          1. My son was living in my basement watching the game downstairs and that TV was maybe a good second ahead of the one in the living room. As I watched Keenum releasing the ball I’m hearing my kid yell out oh my God!!

    1. My buddy and I (by no means die hard Vikings fans) thought seeing the playoff game at a bar would be fun, but not being fans of tacky sports bars, we decided to hit up a local spot. Flat Earth brewing had relocated to the old Hamms campus in St. Paul. Went there, and the setup for sports viewing was … not ideal. Had a beer and then through the snow up to Brunson’s Pub on Payne. There were maybe 10 of us watching - knowing in our hearts they were going to lose - and then the scramble and heave and catch and “GET OUT OF BOUNDS!!! … oh my god …. GOGOGO!!” I couldn’t believe how loud that place got. High Fives and random strangers/dude-hugging and shots of Fireball and Jäg.

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