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  1. Last night's Wolves game was a game that they should have won by a lot, but shots were not falling. I checked the rules of the NBA, though, and a 2 point win is the same value as a 20 point win.

    1. The Wolves may make the playoffs, they may not. But at least there is a plan, a vision for competent and entertaining basketball. Something that is rare for this franchise (as we all know)

      1. I’ve watched as many games as possible for the last four or five years now, but by far, this is when it’s been the most fun. My brother and I went to a game a couple weeks ago, and it was just the second win I’ve seen in person (I’d estimate I’ve seen about eight or ten losses).

    2. What do you think of them making a potential trade? I don't like trading a first round pick unless it materially changed their odds of winning a playoff series. I'd stand pat.

      1. (First response was for cheaptoy.)

        I kind of hope they run out the season with the guys they have and make roster changes this summer, unless of course it’s an offer too good to resist. They have a nice young core. And a hard pass on Ben Simmons. They don’t need the drama that dude would bring.

      2. I think if they can get a big rebounder without giving up too much they should do it, otherwise stay pat. Teams got good chemistry why break that up?

            1. Hold the damned phone. I can’t watch when I’m at my brother’s because my xfinity app blacks out live sports. That’s solved just by downloading the Bally app? We’ve missed so many damned games for nothing!

                1. I don’t think you can watch games in your area without being connected to a provider. I’ve tried numerous times with no luck.

      1. Yahoo gave me free NBA League Pass for the rest of the season yesterday. I assumed it would black out the Wolves, but it didn't yesterday.

  2. Philo, how’d everyone fare after the vax-a-thon? (And was wondering if the uncle you mentioned was the one I’m familiar with. Hope prognosis has improved.)

    1. Not the uncle you're familiar with.

      Everyone is doing alright. Boys are at school, girls seemed a little off this morning so kept them home - but they could be at school, as that "offness" wore off pretty quickly. I felt a little sick last night but woke up feeling good - except for the sore arm. So all seems well, so far. Trying to keep a watchful eye out for things though, as with 4 kids getting vaxed at once it seems like things could spiral quickly...

      1. I'd hope/expect you're in the clear at this point. Vigilant for confirmation bias, but I'm under the impression there's not much for reactions appearing after the first 1/2 day or so.

        1. Only one I'm really worried about is Aquinas, as he's in that 12-17 year old male range where myocarditis/pericarditis can appear in the first week or so. It's a small, small percentage, but it's not nothing.

          1. Like most of humanity, I'm not great in weighing and contextualizing small percentages of small percentages. We're trying to trust that in terms of risk, the covid-carditis > vax-carditits.
            But there's just something about commission vs omission when taking on risk that amplifies that feeling of unease.

            1. Yup, all of this. So we're trying to take the right steps but be extra vigilant for the risks, rather than let them scare us off from doing the right thing.

              1. fwiw, this from the Sept. 3, 2021 MMWR (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7035e5.htm ):

                During March 2020–January 2021, patients with COVID-19 had nearly 16 times the risk for myocarditis compared with patients who did not have COVID-19, and risk varied by sex and age.

                9 cases per 100,000 patients (hospital inpatient encounters) without COVID-19, 150 per 100,000 patients with COVID-19.
                In the study, among under-16 year olds, 3.67 million observations without COVID, 132 of whom had myocarditis (4 per 100,000). 64,898 observations WITH COVID, 86 of whom had myocarditis (132.5 per 100,000).

                Objectively, the risk of myocarditis for under-16 year olds is quite low, but much higher with COVID than without COVID. As to be expected, given that myocarditis is associated with many viral infections.

                1. Right. It's one of those "Risk of Covid > risk of vaccine > risk of nothing" situations.

                  And, of course, this only takes into account personal risk, and, as I explained to my kids, the real reason to ge the vaccine isn't to protect ourselves, it's to protect others. We had a very good conversation about how the appropriate response to fear is courage, and how we don't let fear stop us from doing the right thing (which goes back to my sister who passed from CF, who said that it stood for "courage over fear" - so that all resonated very well with the young ones.).

  3. Kyrie Irving, finding out why the Nets fan base is interested in his vax status.

    After being told that he's one of the most famous unvaccinated people in the country, Irving responded, "That sounds crazy to me ... but I'm not the only one."

    "Fame is socially created, bro," Irving said. "I hear what you're saying. ... Like being the most famous unvaccinated player, what does that even mean? I don't even know what that means at home."

    Irving was told that in the short term, that meant that he couldn't play in home games, which is why there is both a lot of interest in his status and some frustration within the Nets fan base.

    "I respect that, bro," Irving responded. "I respect that."

  4. New personal best in Wikitrivia.

    25 SelectShow
    1. I missed one by 3 days earlier today.

      Pedro Pascal is 3 days older than Shanna Moakler. I put her first. >8|

    2. I had one attempt upended by a typo in the Wiki entry... something that occurred much later was mis-labeled as starting in "1".

      Also, Eve, the first woman, is apparently much younger than much of human history, if the Wiki is to be believed. -3,000 or something.

      1. Just got 20, and one of my strikes was a typo. I'm pretty sure that the apparel company Puma was not founded in 0 CE

  5. Speaking of vaccinations, the Trinket tested positive on Sunday. The rest of the household tested negative on some at-home tests, and we are waiting on a PCR result from yesterday. She had very, very mild symptoms (slight headache, somewhat sore throat) and she's already pretty much past that and is participating in virtual learning with her class today, which had to move to virtual for the rest of this week due to three cases in the class. The rest of us have not had any symptoms which makes me expect a negative result on the PCR. Moral of the story, get vaccinated.

    1. The jalapeno came home from school on Jan. 6 saying he didn't feel great and proceeded to test positive on a rapid test. (He'd also done a PCR test at school earlier that day, which came back positive though not until 3 days later.) We were really strict about trying to mitigate any spread within the household, in part because I still have ongoing treatments to prevent breast cancer recurrence and don't want those to get off track. We basically followed this guidance, wearing KN95 masks the vast majority of every day. It was not fun, but no one else in the house got it, though who knows if that was due to the mitigation measures, being vaccinated/boosted, or some combination of the two.

      1. The upside is that the jalapeno had a mild case and now I don't have to worry about him getting it at basketball tournaments where most of the kids on the opposing teams (and their parents and coaches) are not masked.

      2. I will say, telling a very social 10-year-old that she has to stay in her room as much as possible and wear a mask when she comes out is not the easiest thing in the world. Its probably good that the class had to go virtual for the rest of the week so she can see them on google meetings.

        1. Yeah, that was rough. After his symptoms were gone, we ended up letting him eat lunch and dinner in a room that adjoins the dining room so that while he was still physically distanced, he could take part in the conversation.

    1. It’s nice that these test alerts can be something more amusing than that “INCOMING ICBM” warning my friends in Hawai’i got a few years ago.

  6. And I just tested positive... If there is a perfect time, it's when the schools are already distant. I almost want to have a chicken pox party to give it to the kiddos.

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