18 thoughts on “January 22, 2022: Blockchain”

  1. At the card shop, we had tons of regulars getting into them and asking if they’re the future. I wasn’t overly coy about saying I thought they’re a bad idea.

    1. I've mentioned it elsewhere, but it's weird to see just which old friends get bitten by the block. You can usually tell pretty easily because they don't stop posting about it.

      1. There’s a guy who works for me here (Saturdays, so he’s a few feet away) who’s obsessively buying NFTs with seemingly no healthy doubt over the long-term viability of that market, despite the reaction he gets from literally everyone to whom he can’t shut up about it.

        1. Someone likened NFTs to the Beanie Baby crazy 25 years ago and then NFTs totally made sense to me 😆

          1. That’s a perfect analogy given where I work. Beanie Babies and 1985-92 baseball cards are responsible for 95% of our bummed-out would-be sellers.

              1. Occasionally people assume we’re being insulting and made up that term just for them. Explaining to someone that their childhood obsession couldn’t have happened at a worse time is no fun.

                1. Is the reason quantity, quality, other? Real question.

                  Also, my kid thinks his uncle’s Pokémon card collection is a goldmine. My previous limited knowledge of the (non-) worth of my ball card collection makes me very, very skeptical.

                  1. Quantity. In some cases - Donruss 1988 comes to mind (if you don’t remember which set I mean, just try to recall the one that looked like the carpet of a hotel built in 1980) - there are over a billion of each individual card.

                    The Pokémon might very well be worth something, particularly if they’re from the 90s and in good shape. However, they peaked in about November 2020-March 2021. They’re still hot, but they were scorching at that time.

  2. Wild stats:

    1st in NHL in team shooting% - 10.25% (only 8 teams above 9%)

    3rd in the NHL in scoring rate (goals/game), behind COL and FLA

    6th in the NHL in goal differential

    Kaprizov is 8th in the NHL in points, 9th in assists

    Kaprizov-Hartman-Zuccarello have the 2nd-most 5-on-5 goals of any line in the NHL and have the highest scoring rate (goals/60 min. of ice time) of any line in the league.

    1st in NHL in scoring with the goalie pulled - 13 goals (+7 goal differential also leads NHL - 2nd team is NYR at +3)

    All that offensive power and they're doing it with a pretty unremarkable power play.

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