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  1. A: in a breakfast burrito

    We're currently at my brother's mt home near ShowLow AZ, and my mother is also here, which is a treat. We still have a couple more days of beautiful scenery before we head home again.

  2. Dippy eggs. Bonus points for Eggs Francisco

    I got off scrambled eggs when I was eating like 2-2.5 dozen a week during the ill-fated US Skeleton fiasco of 2012-13

  3. I make scrambled eggs most mornings, one whole egg and a half cup or so of egg white. Sometimes I'll do omelets, my favorite right now is onion, pepper, crumbled sausage and jack cheese with some Cholula. Once in a while I like to fry a couple of eggs, over hard or medium, I don't mind a custardy yolk but don't care for runny ones. But my favorites are deviled eggs, I could eat a dozen of them no problem, and hard boiled eggs used to be a packed lunch staple. My dad was in the poultry business and often got free eggs, so we ate a lot of them back in the day.

  4. I think this was discussed a few days ago but another reminder

  5. We eat a lot of eggs. I mix it up depending on the day, but usually end up cooking eggs for at least one member of the household each day. Breakfast sandwiches are most common (egg, ham, and cheese on an English muffin), with burritos mixed in (sausage crumbles, egg, cheese, hot sauce), along with the occasional scrambled, fried, or omelette. And we’ll go in phases where we go through a dozen boiled eggs a week.

    My 8-year-old and I like them runny (unless it’s in a sandwich, my wife and 10-year-old prefer them fully dry.

  6. I love eggs in pretty much any format other than quiche. A few favorites:

    - migas — scrambled & loaded with cumin, coriander, and chile powder; especially good when I add them after sautéing some Hatch chiles with extra-hot Hatch powder
    - over easy — with queso fresco on top of a hash of sweet potato, various peppers, onions, & black beans, with or without chorizo
    - menemen
    - anda bhurji
    - JKLA’s scrambled eggs with sumac & toasted pine nuts
    - Chinese-style layered omelette
    - egg salad sandwiches
    - soft-boiled, served in homemade ramen

      1. Well, I don’t literally make the noodles from scratch (although one could). I was searching for an adjective that distinguished what I meant from instant ramen. (Although that reminds me, another way I love eggs is poached via Roy Choi’s variation on instant ramen.)

        But, for a quick homemade ramen I like to boil water on two pans — first, to cook your noodles, and next to make about 1.5 quarts of stock using Better Than Bouillon. Next, get some neutral oil on high heat, then drop in a pound of ground meat (I prefer pork, but Turkey or chicken would work, too) and press it into a flat disc covering the entire bottom of the pot. Cook until crispy & flip, letting th other side crisp a bit before you break it into gravel-sized chunks. Add some scallions along with garlic and fresh ginger that you mashed together in a mortar. Stir briefly, then dd a few tablespoons of miso paste and loosen with some mirin if needed. Next, add your stock, a few good glugs of soy sauce, and a healthy dose of your favorite Asian-style hot sauce — I like gochugaru. Let it simmer to come together.

        Drop your noodles and let them cook, then strain them out with a spider. With the water left in the pot, drop eggs in a steamer basket and cook to your desired spot on the hard/soft spectrum. Rinse the noodles in cold water, then toss with a drizzle of sesame oil.

        Waiting for the eggs to finish, grate some carrot, cut some small cucumbers into coins, chop some extra scallions, rinse the frost off some frozen peas, and roughly chop some basil (Thai basil if you’ve got it).

        Add noodles to each bowl, ladle the broth & meat over top. Add your vegetables, cut & nestle your egg, drizzle with extra hot sauce (maybe sambal this time?), and top with scallions and basil. Shake a few roasted sesame seeds over the top and dig in.

        1. No American cheese!?!

          But seriously, thanks for sharing this. Niblet and I share an affinity for Ramen. I’m always looking for opportunities to expand the palate a bit.

  7. I recently discovered making hard boiled or soft boiled eggs in a steamer basket and love it. The eggs are decidedly easier to peel!

        1. I would challenge whether it could make a paella anywhere close to what I can in a cast iron skillet.

  8. The rice is almost done steaming, the red beans are warming on standby, and the cornbread just came out of the oven. Bon appétit.

    1. We had carbonnade/stoofvlees tonight, which included an entire Belgian bomber of Duchesse De Bourgogne. I got a decent deal on the chuck roast at Costco, but it’s not a cheap meal. I’m interested in making it with pork next time.

  9. I prefer my eggs poached, but I despise the process of poaching eggs. So, I make mine basted easy. Close enough to poached. Multigrain toast. Hash browns made in my cast iron skillet. Bacon or sausage. However, lately, I usually make some polenta, top with the eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes and avocado. Can't really do hash browns, bacon too often. I don't think I mentioned it, but at my physical recently, my blood pressure was high. Very high. Lifestyle change in full swing. Sometimes working at the joint makes eating healthy easier ( always have fresh ingredients at hand), and sometimes it is tougher ( watching 100 burgers being made).

    On another note: This past Saturday was our busiest day ever at the joint. We were closed Monday night and all day Tuesday last week due to snow. The week still would have been a record week for us pre-covid. I am considering only opening Monday through Saturday this summer just to give us all a set break, as I am anticipating an even busier summer than last year. That is unless my WGOM sous chefs decide to come up and work the line with me for the summer, then I could probably go 7 days a week. 😉

      1. I obvi don't know Zoom's numbers, but if you are being employee centric closing on Sunday rather than Monday fit better for central MN families.

        I haven't stopped in for a minute; hoping next week if the weather is nice to sit in the bar for a meal and a pint.

        1. In the summer its about the same. Actually, last summer we were full and on a wait 7 nights a week. Sunday is a much more attractive day for staff to get a day off to spend with family. I am contemplating closing on Sundays versus opening from 3pm-9pm on Sundays.

          eschapp- shoot me a heads up if you are stopping in. If you email the restaurant full name @gmail.com, I get the notification on my phone.

          1. Z - this reminds me, are you hosting a caucus in late May? I was scheduling a visit to the State Fair Summer kickoff and noticed a reminder on my calendar for May 29 … I don’t get into the basement (here) as frequently during the off season and am afraid I’ve missed the planning discussions.

            1. I have put the idea out there and there has been interest, but haven't taken it any farther. Would love to do so. I am going to close to the public on Sunday (29th) and Monday that weekend. The Twins play at 1pm on Sunday. I would be willing to open up at noon for the caucus. My thoughts would be to have one of my cooks put together a little lunch buffet for the group. I would have a bartender on staff. Food is on me, cocktails would be cash bar. Bring the kids. If its nice weather we will hang out on the patio. If it's inclement weather, me hang out in the bar with the 6 TV's. I can break out the cribbage boards and some cornhole boards. Maybe someone can put up a post that everyone can respond to in order to keep all responses in one place and accessible?

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