Game 2: mariners @ twins

Baseball is back, folks. For yesterday, that was enough. A couple of months ago, it seemed basically impossible for them to be playing baseball anywhere but across the ocean in early April, but he we are.

Today's tilt features the other big Twins offseason acquisition in Sonny Gray. "Sonny" is actually his given name, which....I didn't really know that was a name people game their kids anymore. Either way, the Twins just need him to go out and put in fine or six solid innings and get to the bullpen.

Speaking of the bullpen, Duran was pretty fun yesterday, huh? Here's a retrospective of the Mariners batters trying to hit Duran's offerings once he settled in.

Kid's gonna be fun to watch.

Hopefully today, the offense is fun to watch.

Go twins!


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      1. I was pretty concerned about it. With Miranda coming up, I figured it was a pretty distinct possibility. She learned how to roll her Rs specifically because she wanted to pronounce Arráez’ name correctly.

        She starts T-ball in June, so we’re leaning hard into her fan development this spring.

  1. Watching parts of the two Apple TV+ broadcasts last night heightened the contrast between the minimal-but-informative Apple score bug and this busy monstrosity that Bally uses.

    1. I watched the Astros/Angels tilt on Apple+ last night, and I love everything about it, especially the simplicity and sleek design you mention.

      Plus, they were interviewing Peña's mom and dad on his major league debut, and he hit a home run as they were talking. It was pretty great.

  2. Got a pot of caldo de costilla going. Local whole animal butcher was out of oxtail today, but they cross-cut some very lovely beef shank for me. The butcher obliged the Poissonnière’s expression of interest and showed her how the shank fit together before she cut it on the bandsaw. Picked up some lamb gyro sausages for a little extra weekend treat. I love that shop.

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