Game 3: Seattle @ Minnesota

Remember  how awesome this was?

Losing the first two games by one run each sure makes it easy to look for the little things that could have maybe gone the other way to flip the result. This was not a little thing, Buxton turned around that fastball and earned that flip of the bat and should have earned a flip of the outcome.

Just watch it again. He's so good.

Today's pitchers:

Ober vs. Marco Gonzalez

I'm very interested in what Bailey Ober's season will look like.  Repeating the good parts of a rookie year is sometimes a challenge. On the other hand, there were good parts about a Twins pitcher last year!



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  2. This feels better so far.

    But, you know, Minnesota sports, so I'm tempering my optimism.

  3. Some interesting discussion between Dick & Morneau about how the 36-storey North Loop Green building could affect wind currents & how fly balls carry in the ballpark. I wasn’t aware the Twins had formally objected to the project, citing concerns that the design “negatively impacts the playability of the ballpark as a Major League Baseball facility due to unresolved light reflection and glare originating from the project.”

    Coincidentally, the Twins’ main Jumbotron is scheduled to be replaced jut before that building is occupied.

    1. Why would he even head out there for that one that was right at the dang mound? Ugh.

    2. Not Sanó's fault at all. Coulombe stood there useless with the ball five feet in front of him while everyone else was running 75 plus feet.

      1. Morneau was saying pitchers are instructed to let the position players handle it. That’s not an easy ball for a catcher to get to, and for as deep as Sanó was, Polanco was out in right field. Meanwhile, Urshela’s & Correa’s routes had to cross the mound. So maybe that’s it in principle, but I don’t fault Coulombe for not wanting to get run over when he felt Sanó rumbling in at top speed.

        1. They had a pull shift in with Sanó down the line well behind the base. Everyone had long paths except the guy standing like a statue not taking charge from five feet away.

  4. Of course Kris Lindahl now sponsors the seventh inning stretch. There's going to be some major schadenfreude whenever the market turns on him.

  5. Had a foul ball almost hit me today by the press box. I stepped aside and it hit the wall behind me, bounced off the back of my leg and died right at my feet. So I picked it up and gave it to a little kid in a Spiderman hoodie and Twins hat. It made his day, and that made mine.

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