2022 Game Log 11 – Twins at Royals

Ten games down in the 2022 season so we can play a little bit of "having fun with SSS." After 10 games...

Projected record: 65-97
Average margin of Twins win: 4.75
Average margin of Twins loss: 4.16
Projected Byron Buxton games missed: 48 games
Nick Gordon will finish with a higher OPS than Miguel Sano
Projected Miguel hits: 32, 16 of them HRs.

Whew, let's hope in 20 games, some of these trends get turned around.

Chris Archer vs. Carlos Hernandez.

First Pitch at 7:10, just 20 minutes before the Wolves-Griz tilt.

Twins Lineup
1B Luis Arraez, L
2B Jorge Polanco, S
SS Carlos Correa, R
RF Max Kepler, L
CF Nick Gordon, L
3B Gio Urshela, R
LF Trevor Larnach, L
DH Gary Sánchez, R
C Ryan Jeffers

46 thoughts on “2022 Game Log 11 – Twins at Royals”

  1. I see the value in separating Kepler & Larnach with a right-handed batter, but I don’t know what’s worse: Sanó batting behind Gordon in the last series, or Gordon hitting fifth tonight.

  2. The Bally stream is not handling things well right now. It just indicated it was the end of 1.

  3. So the Twins’ emergency catcher is Jhon Romero? According to b-ref, he has zero professional inning behind the plate.

          1. That's essentially my point. These sorts of mistakes happen all the time and we eternally remember them.

  4. Man, this Wolves game is completely unwatchable right now due to constant whistles.

    1. Why do they even pitch to this guy. He must have more HR's against the Twins than anyone.

      1. Leader in WC era is Thome. For active players Perez is only behind Carlos Santana and Miggy

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