27 thoughts on “April 24, 2022: Whew”

  1. The Wolves are the number seven seed and are at 2-2 in their series. Who would have thought that before the season?

  2. So the reason the Wolves collapsed in game 3 is because there was no protestor, right?

    1. I went to four this year (2-2). I could have stood to catch that one. I’ve still only been to one playoff game - a loss to the Rockets a couple of years ago.

  3. I'm just now finding out about the Memphis coach's comments after game 4 and, like, what an asshole. That was far and away the best officiated game of the series!

      1. For sure. Also Morant. After watching Ja for the last four games, I’ve revised my opinion of his game downward. Can’t shoot, can’t defend.

        1. Kind of, yeah. I'm thinking I've only been seeing the gaudy highlights of him. Over this series so far, the Wolves have done a pretty good job of making him look human.

          1. Ja's shooting pct by distance this regular season compared to D-Lo

            Player 0-3 3-10 10-16 16-3pt 3pt
            Ja .706 .433 .384 .241 .344
            D-Lo .696 .392 .465 .396 .340
            1. And no one is saying, wow, D-Lo really shot great this year. Ja can finish. No doubt about that. But beyond that, he's pedestrian.

            2. I'd love to see league averages. My sense of Ja was that he was great at getting in close to score, especially given his size.

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