10 thoughts on “May 13, 2022: Over The Shoulder”

  1. Har. On the phone with my benefits specialist in Deniston, Tejas earlier today. I remarked how it was quite warm in H'istan.

    She said it was so hot down there her 'cactus were blooming'.

  2. Had luncheon today at a Korean BBQ joint after a 1.6mi hike - (post-hospitalization record).

    K5. Jogi Gui 조기 구이
    Grilled croacker

    Not bad - need to be watchful with the bones, but otherwise tasty.

    For some reason they aren't serving sushi now (supply chain?).

  3. Heck of an effort in a losing cause by Memphis tonight. Bane and Brooks were really good.

    Warriors made it much harder than necessary with a ton of turnovers, but went on a run to end it.

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