Game 34: clevelanders @ twins

20% of the baseball season is over. That's kind of surprising.

Even more surprising? The Twins are in first place.

It hasn't always been pretty, but there's parts of this team that make me feel like a run is possible. Doing some damage on this chunk of the schedule where we'll be facing a lot of subpar teams would do a lot of help in keeping it that way.

Today, the Twins face off against Justin Shane Bieber. Now, the popstar hasn't exactly been his 2019 self this season. He's not striking nearly as many batters out, and he's giving up a lot of contact (I suppose those two things go hand in hand), but he always worries a person when they see his name appear on the lineup card, nonetheless.

The Twins will counter with Devin Smeltzer, who will make his 2022 big league debut. I'm pretty bullish on Smeltzer's fit with the team, especially as they play out the "4+ inning start piggybacked with a multi-inning reliever" plan that they've been working on so far. Hopefully, he can eat some clean innings, and Buxton can do his MVP thing.

This should be a good one.

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