20 thoughts on “May 14, 2022: Cool Down”

  1. I didn't realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th until I read the CoC for yesterday a few minutes ago. It makes sense. That storm that blew through on Thursday night took out our power for almost 24 hours. I woke up Friday morning to 6 inches of water in my basement. Left to borrow a generator to get my sump pumps going. It took forever to navigate across town as there were trees down everywhere. My lake road (about 1/4 mile long) lost 50-60 trees. Got most of the water pumped out, and when I came downstairs to clean up the rest, I slipped on the wet tile and fell hard on my tailbone. My shoulder and head cracked pretty hard on the steps. My wife found me in a pile a minute later pretty groggy. Sucks, as my lower back was finally feeling better. Stood up with a sore neck, shoulder and super tight between my shoulder blades. Had to suck it up and wet vac the entire basement, took 2 loads of ruined stuff to the dump, then set up fans and dehumidifiers. Had to remove all baseboard tile and my son will cut out the bottom 3.5 ft of sheetrock today. Happy Friday the 13th to me. It all could have been avoided if I had remembered that my truck is equipped with standard outlets. I could have simply plugged my sump pumps into my truck when going to bed that night. Well, the basement needed a remodel anyway. I have also added on some landscaping and replacing shitty gutters onto my summer fun list. Fortunately, after several rounds of ice packs, I woke up this morning with no worse than wear on my lower back. The neck is still a bit wonky, but my left shoulder does not allow me to lift my arm above my neck. The worst thing is I thought this week I could finally hop on the bicycle and start shedding some pounds.
    We ended up having a confirmed tornado touch down a few miles away. Our area just had straight line winds. Took out several roofs in my neighborhood and pretty much every dock and lift, across the street on the lake, are destroyed. Fun times.

    1. It's usually a full day later you learn the extent of your injuries and soreness. Fortunately, the fall did not slow down my low back recovery. Low back is feeling much better. The only injury it seems is either a pinched nerve that is affecting my left shoulder and arm, or I tore my rotator cuff. Having a hard time lifting that arm above my head which feels very similar to how my other arm felt when I tore the rotator (twice). Either way, it is my left arm and doesn't affect much for me day to day. Best of all I swung a golf club a few times this morning and I should be fine. I am looking forward to a particular charity golf outing with Nibbish and a couple other friends. Also, I think by the end of the week and can start back on my daily bike rides and shed some weight.

      On another note, regarding the joint: Patio is open, but only have had a couple days of weather nice enough to see a full patio. This spring, we have broken our all time daily sales record 5 times without the patio open. Two Saturdays in particular we broke our record while not having any food tickets go longer than 20 minutes. Typically, when a restaurant like ours is slammed, you expect some tickets to go 25 minutes plus and a few to bounce around 30 minutes. We are truly blessed to have just a killer kitchen crew. In my 40 years in the burger flippin' game, this is by far the best crew I have ever had in the kitchen. I just adjusted my sales projections for 2022 and we are on pace to more than double our best pre-covid year.

      1. wo Saturdays in particular we broke our record while not having any food tickets go longer than 20 minutes.

        that is amazing. kudos to your staff!

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