37 thoughts on “May 17, 2022: Erbs”

      1. At least we got the all time Gary Gaetti quote from that 1984 game: "It's hard to throw the ball with both hands around your throat." Also that 1984 team was so fun and unexpectedly good. That game was just a crushing lose and everyone was watching it.

        1. This game (the 1992 loss to Oakland) gets my vote. I was in attendance with my then 16 year old brother. I told him that the Twins were psychologically eliminated that night.

          1. That is a really good game to list. The Twins were probably the best team through the All-Star Break in 1992 and you would not have been out of line to suggest they could repeat as World Series Champs. The way they lost that Oakland game and by whom seemed to have really knocked the Twins off their stride, even with two months left in the season. They really never did recover after that.

        1. Not sure what happened, but at some point I went from thinking it tasted awful and metalic to being okay with it in small quantities, to now there is basically zero hesitation with cilantro.

          1. I don't have a great sense of taste or well-developed palate, so there is a threshold of cilantro which can be present before I can taste it.

            But once it's reached, it tastes like the dishes weren't rinsed well after being in soapy water

        2. I have it as well. I did the ancestry.com thing, and apparently that can be very reliably predicted based on other factors. The app did indeed predict that I would think it tastes like soap.

  1. Picking a favorite herb is like picking a favorite child.

    Basil, of course. Rosemary to go on my pork. Thyme to add some sharpness to soups. I can only eat a coleslaw with Tarragon in it. Sage - brown butter sauce anyone? Fresh Cilantro in a Mexican shrimp cocktail (pssst... we working on it today at the joint). Oregano - homemade pizza sauce is nothing without it. I could go on and on.

  2. Made the mistake of checking my Vanguard account balances for the first time in months. I knew it was going to be bad, but oof. Off 20 pct on the year.

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