52 thoughts on “May 18, 2022: See You Soon, Kid”

    1. Oh no doubt but it's hard to understand the decision when Miranda looks absolutely overwhelmed at this level right now..

      1. I'm not a fan of moving players around the ballfield. I agree Miranda needs more seasoning, but Lewis is our long term SS, and I'd rather not start playing the musical chairs game with him. I'm sure the coaches have a laundry list of items where Lewis can improve now that he's had MLB experience and they will work closely with Saints coaches to see he gets the appropriate work there.

        1. He did play musical chairs in the AFL to close 2019. He played a single game at short then, four games at second, five in centerfield, and 12 games at third. I recall he won the AFL MVP.

          1. His defense looked pretty ready to go to me, so I would think playing him in other positions would be fine.

            1. Of course, probably the better team move would be for Correa to shift to third. Sell Urshela for prospects.

              1. Scouts have questions Lewis's ability to stick at shortstop and Correa was regarded as the better fielder. So far this year, Lewis has a better OAA (+1 vs -1) and ever so slightly better UZR (-1.2 vs -1.4 but in fewer innings). I'm not expecting Lewis to be an elite fielder but I'm hoping for average, especially if he keeps hitting like this.

  1. Fortunately, I got my final infusion on schedule yesterday.
    Unfortunately, the muffler nearly came off as I was driving back home--I pulled into the driveway with the exhaust pipe dragging.
    Fortunately, Mr. NaCl was able to bring my car to the dealer first thing this morning.
    Unfortunately, I woke up with nasal congestion and a scratchy throat and just had a rapid test come back faintly positive.
    Fortunately, I guess I'm well protected for the workshop and conference I'll be traveling to in June!

  2. Welp, its job search time. I got a response back from HR today that they are unwilling to budge on requiring us to work at least 3 days in the office each week. I sent out a bunch of resumes this morning.

    On a side note, it was weirdly difficult to find my patent.

    1. /searches Google Patents

      Oooh, did you do "Quick change chain saw system"?

  3. After two years of our house being COVID-free, today is the day. I'm the winner of the COVID lottery. In 3 days we have 100-150 people stopping through for our eldest's high school graduation party. I'm quarantined and we hope the rest stay negative. If it stays this way, our outdoor party should be fine to continue on, though difficult with a lot less of my help. Please send your good vibes.

    1. And, of course, it's been frustrating that we are basically the only people masking around here at this point. If everyone else would have continued to mask somewhat maybe I avoid this. I wanted to stop masking as well, but we chose to keep it up leading to important things like this graduation party. The problem is that nearly every week there is an important thing right now and we don't want our kids/family to miss anything if we can avoid it.

      Separately, my father-in-law had a near-death pancreatitis attack around Easter, so my wife's parents have been living with us as she helps care for him. We super do not want to pass this to my father-in-law. Ooof.

    2. that's not a good way to get out of setup, but I guess it works? hope your recovery goes well and everyone else picks up the slack in the meantime

      1. I was taking off Thursday and Friday to clean and set up. Now on the plus side, since I'm quarantined in a room in the house, we'll make the house off limits and it won't have to be cleaned. In theory. We'll see if the wife continues to agree with me on that. Anyway, hopefully that takes some of the load off.

        I assume, if I'm feeling okay, I could maybe help with some of the garage setup with a mask and without anyone else in there. We'll see.

        1. Fingers crossed for you! We were trying to mitigate the spread after my 8yo tested positive last Friday, but he kept doing things like pulling down his mask and shoving his fingers in his mouth to show us his wiggly tooth. 🙄

          1. I've enjoyed learning the difference between a bendy tooth and a wiggly tooth from Honest Abe

        2. week from Saturday I'm attending my niece's graduation reception, and then heading up to WGOM Caucus and a week with my mom; now I'm a little nervous about that...

    3. Pretty crappy lottery where the odds of winning approach 100% over time and the payout is misery and inconvenience.
      Wishing you the best. Pepper, you too. Sunday was my + test. I think the low fever is gone today. Antigen tests still pretty clearly positive.

        1. I mentioned it on Monday, there were a couple other citizens/family.
          We’re eyeballing the kids heavily. Big dance comp this weekend (and last) and we’re wondering who out there is carrying what or pushing through these days.

          1. Not sure what the Citizen count is, but are we at some >10% for the organization? That’s a bad sign.

        2. I'm still negative and Mrs. Twayn is still positive. Also, she has COVID and I don't.

      1. Came through our crib last month. Niblet never tested positive. I did, but no symptoms. Kernel confirmed via swab, and later again via saliva and was actually under the weather - cough and chills, plus fever. My wife had it first and worst.

  4. 2 locals passed away this week. One was the best friend of one of my good friends. I called him a friend, but we were more friends by association. Great shape. 50 years old. Active. Camping with mutual buddies and as they picked out a campsite, he fell to his knees and died. Another, a husband to a fellow hockey board member. 52. Just fell over and died. Not much of a warning for either. My little brother has a heart murmur. Surgeon wants to do open heart surgery to replace a valve. My brother is terrified and is trying to see someone at the Cleveland Clinic who may be willing to do a less invasive procedure. My brother is 46. I will be 54 on Saturday (along with Mr. Hrbek). I just feel soooo.... mortal.

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