Back in the saddle

After being in the hospital ("big-house") from January 3rd thru most of March - most of it in the ICU and all of it on my back in a bed, I did 20 days in a re-hab hospital (the "hotel"), and now have been home for about a month.  Still a lot of healing in my wounds.

I can walk now (without a walker), averaging 1.5mi and don't get winded.  Also, on Sunday, I swam for the first time this year (2 laps), and on Tuesday 4 laps.  Honestly, I cried after the first half lap I was so happy.  My arms are weak (like a little girl), but they do the job and my SWOLF (google Garmin for this) is only 10 points above where I was before IT happened.

So Nation, how are you keeping active/healthy?

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  1. Wow. Continued good progress to you.

    When my lungs imploded in Peru and I was in ICU/Hospital for 4 days I came home obviously weaker and not just cardio-vascular. Legs and arms seemed less strong as well. I'm still not sure if I'm fully recovered but hope to do a longish (40 mile) bike ride this weekend and an 60 miler next weekend. That should be a good gauge of where I'm at.

  2. Congrats on the progress!

    I've been back to biking regularly for almost a month now. The stationary kept my legs strong over the winter, but didn't keep the endurance where it was so those first few rides were only about 15-18 miles. My last ride was 27 miles. I was going for 30, but the sun disappeared and it got a bit chilly. I'll get there next time.

    On the strength front, I started regularly having whey protein shakes for breakfast and have added a creatine supplement. I also added ab work to my weight routine, and I've seen a not inconsequential increase in muscle mass, especially in my mid section, so that's cool.

    More importantly, though, the cycling/stationary stuff lead to my doctor removing the Type 2 diagnosis from my records so I'm basically back to normal.

    1. I definitely noticed that the stationary doesn't do much for endurance. I'd like to dive more into that to see if there are things to do on the stationary bike to also help with endurance.

      1. I imagine the super expensive bikes do better. I have a cheap Schwinn upright and seat is just garbage so I can't go longer than 30 minutes. I've been looking for a recumbent one on craigslist, but haven't found anything yet.

    2. To up my protein game, I'm getting an egg (6 clicks) and 2 sausage links (20) in the AM, then sometimes choking down the protein shakes (got Ensure in the big house, Boost and Premier Protein from CVS (30g protein, not bad).

      1. I use one egg and about half a cup of egg white for my morning eggs (spiked with Cholula and peppers and onions) to get some extra protein and keep the cholesterol intake reasonable.

  3. My wife has been going to a 45min Senior Fitness class three times a week, and talked me into attending as well. I got hearty approval from my boss to cut out Wednesday mornings for an hour to attend, and I think I'll add Fridays too. While I'm not necessarily breaking much of a sweat, I do choose the heaviest of the weights and sturdiest elastic bands to make it more difficult, and I especially need the flexibility help. I've also taken to working my hip-flexors more, hoping that it's not tendonitis making movement uncomfortable - it seems to be helping.

  4. I have been fighting sciatica for a couple months, exacerbated by work stress. Been doing exercises from Back Mechanic: the secrets to a healthy spine your doctor isn't telling you by Stuart McGill, and walking 3.5 to 4.5 miles per day.

    Dumb title, good information in the book.

  5. The usher things has turned out to be pretty good for my physical and mental health. I'm on my feet for six hours at a typical game and getting in many, many steps. I walk the dog most days unless the weather sucks, but I only got my bike down from the garage rafters this week when I dug out the lawnmower. I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle and going for a ride or two this weekend, even though I know by ass bones are going to hurt afterwards. I haven't used the treadmill since the last of the snow melted and I would walk outside.

  6. Well done. Happy to hear, and keep going!

    I need to get moving again. I dream of getting an e-bike, but dollars. I consider finding a personal trainer to push me, but dollars. We'll see. I should be prioritizing my physical health to some degree!

    At the least I need to get walking and doing 5 Tibetan Rites again (though I skip the first one).

      1. well, not at the same time thankfully. i can keep hobbling along for the moment one way or the other. you can see the wicked bone spurs on both sides. hard to argue. still though, about a 6 week process per, not including PT.

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