20 thoughts on “May 19, 2022: That Old Sting”

  1. We’ve been doing nannies for the summer the past 4 years - pricing comparable to the daycare center. More work on the front end though. ALL the summer camps scheduling & registrations are our responsibility.

    1. My dream is that there would be a single registration platform for all summer camps. Which of course is never going to happen.

      The peperoncino is doing a summer program through the school, but the jalapeno has aged out of that and wants to be able to hang out with his friends. He's registered for a few different short-term camps, but I'm a little worried about how this is going to play out.

  2. My company's policy is called Flexible First. They're offering incentives to come back to the office (assuming you have an office location in your city and I don't) like free lunches on Wednesdays and a commuter/parking allowance, but everyone gets to choose what works best for them. Mrs. Twayn will be returning to the office one day per week starting next week. Middle management is finding it hard to justify their paychecks in the light of a conscientious, productive remote workforce.

        1. Exactly.

          Finding the sweet spot between too much and too little management is tough. If staff are highly mission-oriented and knowledgeable, then middle management doesn't add a lot of value.

          But that requires, you know, clarity on mission, highly motivated, self-starter staff, and little need for training or coordination. Good luck with all of that.

          1. My comment was in jest as I've seen my share of useless (or potentially useful but Peter Principled) managers. My middle management job is required by statute.

            1. Heh.

              I have seen no shortage of lousy managers. And also managers who end up covering for incompetent staff because it is easier than doing the documentation required. Or doing line work because they are understaffed.

    1. We just had a staff meeting with our COO this morning in which we could bring up any topic to him because of that disastrous town hall last week. So I again urged them to reconsider the 3 days in office 2 days at home policy to allow some to WFH whenever. I didn't get the answer I wanted, so the job search continues. Also, now the COO knows my name.

      1. My place started talking about Unionizing and next thing you know WFH was the law of the land.

        Couldn't believe how quickly that happened.

          1. We are white collar and spread across many cities. I don't see any way we could have successfully pulled it off but the chatter was enough for them to take notice (and pretend like that wasn't the reason)

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