32 thoughts on “May 31, 2022: Feather”

  1. On the contrary, I read it pretty much every day. I just don't necessarily respond to it.

      1. Wow - H'istan going from 93F to 60F in a couple hours today. Bring it on.

  2. Hey zooom

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    1. I think this has to be legit, given the Tigers' series is ongoing and there are so many other injuries.

      1. I read somewhere that either Rocco or Correa made "indications" or something that he's been vaccinated. Sorry, blanking on the source.

        1. Dan Hayes says he is vaccinated.

          Correa joins pitcher Joe Ryan and outfielder Gilberto Celestino on the COVID-19 injured list. The veteran shortstop, who is vaccinated, isn’t feeling well and has similar symptoms to others who have tested positive recently. Baldelli, Luis Arraez and Monday’s starter Dylan Bundy all missed time after positive COVID-19 tests earlier this month.

          Hopefully Ryan or Celestino will be returning soon.

  3. I’m really surprised no one has taken that nice first number:

  4. So, I announced my retirement today. I have been out on medical leave, dealing with an anxiety disorder that emerged in full force over the last 6-8 months.

    I am blessed to be able to do this, a few years earlier than I had intended. I am going to spend a few more months getting healthy, then I may look for something part-time or low key. Or just volunteer service activities. I haven't worked out all those details yet.

    I did lots of financial prep for retirement, over decades. But I don't really have established hobbies or activities to replace work. That is leaving me a bit lost at the moment. It will take some time to figure out.

    1. Congrats/good luck.

      I've heard the book: How To Retire Happy, Wild, and Free is pretty good. I've thumbed through it but haven't really read it. Focuses on time much more than money.

    2. May you have a long and happy retirement. I suspect that, once you're healthy, you won't have much trouble finding things to do.

    3. Congrats on the retirement! This old guy is jealous, I figure I have at least 6 more years to go.

    4. May your years in retirement be longer & more fulfilling than your years in the workforce, Doc.

      If hobby exploration & greater free time results an occasional The Nation Has An Appetite post, I certainly would welcome it. Your corn chowder, dal makhani, & black (bean magic huevos are all in rotation here.

    5. Wishing you well! I tried to get my dad to take up bread baking when he retired, but I didn't succeed. That said, I'm sure you'll find your way to some excellent hobbies.

    6. Good luck - and well done on the planning. I look forward to living vicariously through your adventures. Especially because I can't reasonably forsee myself retiring - like, ever.

    7. Congrats on the retirement. My wife and I have chatted quite a bit about what life looks like when we retire. The two things on my mind are 1) more golfing, and 2) Philanthropy. I imagine that volunteerism can go a long way in terms of keeping the mind, body and spirit occupied. I am sure you will find that special something to keep you busy. I wish you well!

    8. Congratulations on a well-earned milestone!

      Like you, I have been out on a short-term disability/medical leave since Jan 3rd, targeting to go back to work on 6/14. Maybe...

      Since I went out I have a new boss whom I've never met due to many re-orgs. I was originally thinking I would retire in June but it might make sense to wait and let all the medical claims run through their course without switching to a different benefit plan.

      Like you, I'm worried about not being loaded up with hobbies/activities to replace work - I am on the board of a charity out here, but I think I will need something more mentally engaging/challenging. My hunting/fishing/golfing buddies are all retired, but in Minny.

      Health is Job One.

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