17 thoughts on “June 2, 2022: Clippings”

  1. I bag about every 3 or 4th mow. Otherwise it's just too much. I got nowhere to put it all

    1. I used to be this way, but it was so obnoxious because we had a too-small bag, and had to stop approximately every 18 feet to empty it. But then the bag attachment broke, so now I don't bag at all.

    2. That's why I have never bothered. Even the clippings from long grass will decay to nothing within a few weeks.

      1. I hate throwing away fertilizer.

        I do bag sometimes, mostly to get rid of leaves.

        1. Heh. I’ve been known to “rake” my yard by mowing my lawn. It doesn’t work if there’s been a big leaf drop, since the back yard is ringed by nature trees, but it sure beats raking it all to the curb out front where the city would eventually collect it.

          1. That is what I've traditionally done. I couldn't work up the motivation last year and it didn't really matter. There are a couple of spots, essentially where I couldn't fit the mower in the spring, that look worse but the grass mostly survived. The grass is covered by snow for a few months anyway so what's an extra couple of months when the grass is hibernating.

    3. I bag when it's doable. The lower half of my land tends to be a little wet, which makes it difficult (not so much last year). I like to compost the clippings when possible (an acre's worth of grass clippings do tend to be a bit much for the pile, though).

    1. We did No Mow May this year so I just mowed for the first time yesterday. Bagged since the grass was really long.

      1. So here's my question. No Mow May apparently leads to lots of animals making homes in the grass? If so, what happens when you mow? Do you just … hope you mow around them? They all run and have to find new homes? Baby bunnies dying by the dozen?

        1. Well I have a dog and live in S Mpls so that wasn't really a problem. Our alley neighbors feed the squirrels (AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!) and we have Racoons that like to run around the roof, but other than that we don't get a lot of critters.

  2. 20 years ago today, Snot Boogie robbed his last craps game (h/t Chris Jaffe)

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