June 21, 2022: It’s Official

In case you guys couldn't tell, it's now SUMMER! This post went live at the moment, in fact.

Oh yeah, and get some Summer Mix picks in. We'll likely close up submissions around Friday.

18 thoughts on “June 21, 2022: It’s Official”

  1. I'm going out of town for an honest-to-goodness in-person conference later this week and you know what my biggest concern is? That I'll forget to do the Wordle while I'm away!

    1. I’m also heading to a conference soon, and this has also crossed my mind. I decided to set myself a reminder on my phone. (Due is a fantastic app for this purpose.)

      I’m looking forward to putting my improved travel coffee setup into action. I think I’ve accounted for everything I need other than the beans, which I plan to buy from a local roaster, and the half & half. Since I’m heading out to the deserts after the conference, I may just revert to drinking it black for the week rather than have to deal with keeping dairy cool on the road.

    2. We have a short vacation planned and I hadn't even considered this yet. Fortunately it's only two days so I can Wordle before and after if necessary.

      Maybe you can find a group of Wordlers at the conference and remind each other. Perhaps someone in the middle of the day can insert a Wordle slide as a reminder.

    3. I managed to continue my daily streak from Israel and from Voyegeurs. It was tricky knowing where in the water in Voyegeurs had reception for me to give it a go each day.

  2. So we bought a Shark robot vac the other day and I finally got it set up last night. The dog gets jealous if we watch it work, the young cat is cautiously curious, and the old cat is disdainful. We named the robot Finn.

  3. I don't know if you saw that throw from of Cruz' from SS, but wow! (this video does not show it)

  4. Don't know if I mentioned yesterday, but we appear to have brought a bonus home with us from NYC. The Mrs started on Paxlovid last night. I tested negative this morning, but my symptoms are increasing. Mostly a cough and headache. She has stronger cold-like symptoms and fatigue. We are both double-boosted and were masked in public and on the plane. 🤷‍♂️

    Will probably test again tomorrow.

    1. After getting the younger boy's first vax scheduled, I decided to get my second booster at the same time. I'm eligible on the thinnest of technicalities (I used to smoke years ago), but hey, appointments are quite ample, so it's not like I'm taking anyone's place.

      1. Exactly. I am guessing that doses are expiring lots of places because of a lack of demand. Hopefully most parents of littles will get them vaxxed.

    2. I've got two business trips in July and a lot of baseball games still to go this summer so I'm getting another booster on Thursday, my last one was in December. I've had no lack of exposure in recent weeks - the wife had it and I regularly mix with thousands of random strangers for hours at a time, but so far I've managed to avoid infection.

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