66 thoughts on “2022 Game 71: Guardians at Twins in progress”

    1. All the GOMLer commenters on Twins Daily 'bout starting riots over the amount of time off he's been getting. Dudes, do you think he's not playing because he might get tired??

      1. Pat Reusse on the Tweets machine has been stirring the "Buxton dont need no days off" pot most of the season. kind of changed his tone yesterday after he reported on the sore knee not looking good. but the comments under his tweet still follow that "Buxton is weak" mentality. Reminds me of the Joe Mauer hate (and some folks still carry that!)

        TL:DR fans are rude

  1. Oh good, we're pulling Smeltzer too early again. It worked out so well the last time...

      1. 92 pitches. His previous two starts went 96 pitches so could have pushed it to 100 or so. He doesn't have to finish the inning. Gonzalez and Reyes bat right but Gimenez is a lefty. Smeltzer had a start go 101 pitches to end May.

        1. Yea, my point was the Rocco dilemma. If he sticks with Smeltzer and Smeltzer gets tagged, he went too long. If he pulls him and the bullpen immediately fails, he pulled too early.

  2. 12 plate appearances with a runner on base: Twins are 0-for-12, and have not advanced a runner once.

  3. Seriously? Are there degree of difficulty bonus points in the standings?

  4. Throw hits the runner is an out on the playground, right.

    Nice scoop by Miranda.

    1. It was a fun one. The tense moments were a blast - felt like we saw way more action than we actually did.

      Neitzsche (8) had the time of his life. Even sitting in the nosebleeds I think the mics might have picked him up a few times...

  5. So Twins score 5 runs and 10 runs and lose both games, but score 1 run and get the win. Baseball is weird.

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